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3-most used features for smarter taxi services


Special routing for Taxis

Special maps containing taxi lanes and Millions of POIs such as hotels and restaurants


Real-time traffic

Avoid dense traffic and provide better service to your customers in city centers


The most accurate ETA on the market

Add APIs to share precise ETAs and real-time positions with the customer

Navigating through taxi lanes to cross the city jungles

Taxi solution providers integrate Sygic preferential lanes routing as embedded library to benefit from routes calculated using preferential lanes for taxi.
Other important feature provided by Sygic Navigation SDK is the ability to create custom set of specific locations (points of interest), easily push them into the vehicle’s device and navigate the driver to precise destination.

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Petro Feliciotti
Senior software engineer at Digitax

Digitax Automotive Electronics taximeters, used by Taxi blu in Milano, integrates Sygic preferential lanes routing for it is the best navigation software available to our clients and they are satisfied with our solution.


Automatic dispatch and navigation to the customer

Sygic Professional Navigation APIs can be used to implement the necessary feature of dynamically displaying taxi customer positions, and routes to pick up and drop off positions.
The destination address is automatically taken over into the taxi app on the device and the routing is started automatically, if provided with the trip assignment.

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August Mayer
HALE Electronic GmbH

HALE electronic opted for Sygic Professional Navigation as a robust full-featured navigation application that could be quickly ported to HALE platform.

Real-time traffic to ensure minimal delays

Real-time warnings about traffic jams and the duration of the delay help the taxi driver to avoid delays on the route and have exact ETAs for better service.

CERT Telematics integrates Sygic Navigation for more than 3500 taxi drivers in Middle East to promptly respond to custom requests, ensure minimal delays, and even lower downtimes.

Easy to embed navigation functionality

Thanks to well documented Sygic SDK and wide hardware compatibility Sygic Professional Navigation bundled with integration libraries can be a part of the integrator’s application, taking up only a portion of the screen.

Professional Navigation SDK

Taxitronic adds value to their solution for Taxi companies with full GPS navigation functionality that can be easily embedded into the project with almost no need to get support.


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