Insurance Telematics

Engage with low-risk drivers to improve road safety and secure your insurance premiums.

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Complete white-label telematics platform for motor insurance

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Cut claim costs

Motivate users to drive more safely and reduce insurance claims


Boost engagement

Use gamification for marketing and sales opportunities


Uncover behavioral trends

Collect and analyze driver data to gather insights

Encourage drivers to improve with real-time feedback

Evaluate driving behavior through the app and inform the users about how they are doing. Show them their score and, what's more, educate them on how to improve. The app provides real-time feedback about events such as acceleration, speeding, braking, or cornering. It also offers a detailed overview of the trip after it has ended.

Clients have been able to see a 28% decrease in the number of risky driving events in just 30 days.

Recognize distracted driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of car-related incidents. Lower the risk by recognizing phone interactions and motivating drivers to focus on the road.

Drivers’ phone interactions, texting, and calling frequency decreased with the time of use of the app by more than 50%.

Reach customers with gamification and rewards

Establish a new communication channel between you and your user base. Offer various monetary and non-monetary incentives, badges, prizes, and unique challenges that engage customers in safe driving.

Sygic has used over 10 years of experience in gamification to enhance the platform with the best engagement mechanics.

Make better data-driven decisions

The admin portal is your window into your drivers' behavior, where you can uncover trends and gain valuable insights. You can also zoom in on a single trip if you need to investigate claims.

Why Sygic’s Insurance Telematics Platform?


Completely customizable

Customize the app, driver scoring model, and reward system to fit your needs.


Easy to roll out

The out-of-the-box solution includes the mobile app, trip and score evaluation server, and admin portal.


Proven track record

We’ve recorded hundreds of million kilometers with over 300,000 monthly active users.

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