Integrate Navigation for Delivery Vans into your Fleet Management

Accurate ETA, itineraries with time windows, comprehensive SDK.

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3 most-used features by delivery fleets


Manage itineraries with time windows

The most accurate ETA on the market based on historical and real-time data.


Routing for Vans, Trucks & Electric vehicles

Automatically access or avoid delivery zones according to the time of the day.


Execute routes exactly as planned to save costs

Follow the same routes as planned in the office and improve your cost planning.

Protect Your Company's Image with Sygic's Driver Scoring

Our Driver Scoring system is tailored for delivery fleets, offering a straightforward way to monitor and enhance driver behavior. By evaluating driving habits like speeding, braking, and phone usage, we provide actionable insights to improve road safety. This not only helps in reducing accidents but also plays a crucial role in maintaining your company’s reputation on the streets.

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Low-emission zones routing

Having information about emission zones in map data allows Sygic Professional Navigation to calculate routes that avoid emission zones restricted for individual vehicles or notify the driver that they are entering such a zone if the destination is in the restricted zone.

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Door-to-door delivery

Sygic Professional Navigation features premium map content with exact door numbers in the map. Using Sygic Professional Navigation SDK, a 3rd party fleet management app can automatically load the next destination on the navigation map without driver's interaction. In this way, the address input error is eliminated and the driver can reach each point on his itinerary on time.

Schwan's Home Service, Inc. offers more than 300 high-quality frozen meals delivered to US homes using 3000+ refrigerated trucks. Using Sygic Professional Navigation SDK integration, a 3rd party fleet management app automatically loads the next destination on the navigation map without driver's interaction. In this way, the address input error is eliminated and the driver can reach each point on his itinerary on time.

Send preplanned routes directly to your drivers and control the number of kilometres driven

Plan exact routes in your planning tool and send them to the Sygic Professional Navigation app for execution, taking restrictions based on truck, HAZMAT, and other settings into account. Helping drivers to drive the same routes as planned in the office enables you to get much better results in terms of planned versus driven kilometres and avoid fuel cost estimation discrepancies.

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Send destination into the navigation

3rd party Delivery App can send destination of the next delivery into the Sygic navigation app. Sygic then calculates the route to the next delivery taking into consideration vehicle parameters and restriction like delivery zones accessibility times or traffic situation.

Sygic integrates with Ocado Technology solution using simple Custom URL integration to support one of the worlds most advanced routing and delivery platforms for grocery e-commerce businesses with seamless navigation to next customer.


Dispatch optimized itinerary into navigation

It is possible to send optimized itineraries to the driver in 2 ways.
Send optimizes sequence of waypoints (AddItinerary) and let the Sygic routing engine (using vehicle parameters) to transform this plan into a route.

The second option is Sygic Guided routes feature offers the possibility to import entire routes from your planning tool into Sygic Professional Navigation. The navigation suppresses its own routing algorithm and rather accepts the directions provided by the planning tool. This way driver follows the route exactly as planned.

Roland Scerri
CEO Loqus group

Sygic is fully integrated with the openFleet optimization and planning tool by Loqus, launching the navigation to next destination from an optimized list of tasks loaded on openFleet mobile app.
After careful consideration and based on feedback from our clients we opted for Sygic not only to integrate with our openFleet platform, but mostly for Sygic’s ability to innovate and quality of their development team.


Improving first time delivery success with precise ETAs

The calculation of the arrival time is based on historical data measurements of traffic intensity for different times of day, which makes the ETA highly accurate.
Integrated with fleet management solution, Sygic Professional Navigation makes it possible to send information about ETA (using GetRouteStatus) to the dispatcher in real time.

If needed, dispatcher can inform the driver about process changes using Text-To-Speech engine of the Sygic navigation.

Sygic ETA precision occurance chart
Ulrich Koch
Project manager at HERMES Einrichtungs Service

In this way, we carry out between 20 - 35 customer stops per tour. Approximately 1,600 tours are thus carried out daily with the support of Sygic within Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Sygic is a very fast responding business partner and our wishes were implemented accordingly.


Offline GPS functionality

Offline GPS functionality is very important for delivery operations in wast or remote areas with poor data coverage. The premium quality map data with truck or van attributes, search, exact house numbers and custom map content are fully functional in offline.

Miguel Jorge
Digitization Executive at STRATO IT Group

STRATOPOD equips its clients in South Africa with Sygic Professional Navigation to cover areas with poor or no data coverage to ensure they can make their deliveries—and do so securely and on time.


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