Sygic Travel releases a brand new website and an iOS app. Now displaying 24 million places of interest directly on the map

16. 05. 2018

Sygic has launched Sygic Maps, the first online map focused on traveling. Unlike other online maps, Sygic Maps displays places of interest directly on the map, making trip planning and navigation easier than ever. Thanks to its integrated itinerary maker, you can build a day-by-day trip plan or just save interesting places for later. The website also features a handy travel guide for more than 10,000 destinations, photo galleries, 360° videos, hotel search, and recommended tours and tickets. Sygic Maps replaces the original Sygic Travel planner.

Maps for traveling
The original web planner, Sygic Travel, has been turned into Sygic Maps and you will find it at As the name suggests, the map is now the focal point. “So far, we’ve been focused on detailed itinerary planning. Our users could plan their trips, choose sights to visit and book a hotel. In addition to that, we now want to accommodate travelers who want to browse the map and discover interesting places. Because unlike other online maps, we show these places directly on the map,” says Lukáš Nevosád, VP Travel at Sygic.

Sygic Maps features a fullscreen map with a search bar in the upper left corner, just like you are used to at Google Maps. Travelers will also appreciate the Guide tab with collections of top sights for more than 10,000 destinations, photos, 360° videos and recommended hotels and tours. Planned trips and favorite places can be synced directly with the Sygic Travel app, which is available for iOS and Android. And the iOS app has also been revamped.

Brand new app
The map is now the focal point of the iOS app as well. It helps travelers to explore their surroundings and get oriented. “Simply open the app and see all the interesting places around you. With our offline map packages, the map is ready to use both online and offline. It no longer offers solely detailed trip planning but also exploring. The app will come handy, for example, during afternoon trips. We are the first ones to combine a map with a travel guide, worldwide. We are also working on a similar update of the Sygic Travel app for Android,” adds Lukáš Nevosád.

The original travel planning website,, will be gradually turned into a travel magazine. In addition, the Sygic Travel team is constantly improving the content, preparing translations into other languages and working on a smartwatch integration.