Change Log

11.0.0 (2019-05-03)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Reduce antialiasing for wider road borders
  • Navigation: Execute map matching on common executor not on main thread
  • Navigation: Fix wrong mapheader structure alignment
  • Navigation: Fix speed limit changes in time crash
  • Routing: Fix no result response handling
  • Android: Disable opengl blit operation for specific android device
  • Android: Do not use sdk's default global avoids over user defined
  • Android: Fix random SysGetPlatformOsVersion crash on start
  • Core: Fix nil text render as empty string on iOS
  • Map: Fix issue with truck prohibited roads when no hazmat load is selected
  • Routing: Corrects available avoids in online route
  • Routing: Migrating compute settings to online route


  • Map: Remove PetrolStation and Parking from Places
  • Core: FutureCache implementation wait without loader definition


For more details see Migration guide

  • Map: Removed Parking and PetrolStation classes from Place interface without replacement. Objects and services are no more supported.
  • Android: setRouteAvoids method in RoutingOptions has been removed to prevent unwanted
    modification to avoid structure. Use methods setting individual avoids per country (or global) instead.