Migration Guide

The information about how to use the new Search and MapLoader interfaces can be found in the corresponding tutorial sections.

Removed deprecated code:


The InitializationCallback has been removed. Use CoreInitCallback instead.

The GeometryGroup has been removed. Use MapLayerCategory instead.

The setGeometryGroupVisibility() has been removed. Use setMapLayerCategoryVisibility instead.

The MapView's addMapObject(), setActiveSkin() have been removed. Use the ones in MapDataModel instead - addMapObject and setSkin, respectively.

The onLogReceived(final String message) has been removed. Use onLogReceived(final String message, @LogLevel final int logLevel) instead.

The whole RemoteControl class has been removed. There's no replacement, however the NightRider has been implemented using this - you can use the CustomPositionUpdater to achieve the same result (done in GPS Navi already).

The PositionIndicator's SetVisible(), SetAccuracyIndicatorColor() and SetAccuracyIndicatorVisible() methods have been removed. There's no replacement.

The HazardousMaterialClass is succeeded by HazardousMaterialsClass. Same goes for the linked methods.

The Camera's calculateMapRectangle() has been removed. Use CameraState.PositionOrientation CalculateMapRectangle instead.

The VoiceManager is now accessible via VoiceManagerProvider only.

The setInitListener and onInitListener have been removed.


The SYHazardousMaterialClassType has been removed. Use SYHazardousMaterialsClassType instead.

Route's roadElements can now be accessed via getRoadElementsWithCompletion.

The didReceiveMessage has been removed. Use logConnector:didReceiveMessage:withLogLevel instead.

Some other init methods have been removed.