Change Log

16.1.7 (2020-09-11)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Resolve multiple render deadlocks

16.1.6 (2020-08-27)

Bug Fixes

  • Online: Update incidents on demand instead of fixed time interval or gps change

16.1.5 (2020-08-20)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Delete invalidated slot pointers
  • Map: Calculate correct frustum points for camera
  • Routing: Call online routing service according to vehicle settings
  • Routing: Do not ignore speedprofile settings for route duration
  • Routing: Fix crash after route compute from json with online map when graph load failed with null
  • Routing: Fix nullptr access for online graph element
  • Routing: Fix possible crash when loading CountryInfo
  • Traffic: Fix crashes caused by nonlocked clear operation

16.1.4 (2020-07-29)

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation: Load different speedlimits in different directions correctly
  • Routing: Fix getRouteElements crash for online mode

16.1.3 (2020-07-24)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Fix crash caused by unhandled exception thrown in syl::cache_future_data

16.1.2 (2020-07-22)

Bug Fixes

  • iOS: Fix SYCustomPositionSource update functions

16.1.1 (2020-06-30)

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Fix default font style selection

16.1.0 (2020-06-26)

Bug Fixes

  • Android: Fix error handling in compute route method
  • Android: Fix getting activity from view context
  • Core: Use revId param (if present) for tracking package installation
  • Search: Add SYBrand into place details


  • Android: Add Invalid object for GeoPosition and GeoCourse class
  • Map: Enable proportional road border widths