Change Log

15.6.0 (2020-03-13)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Fix android interface to return all context initialization failure information
  • Map: Calculate proper surface size when system ocludes part of display
  • Map: Make smart label rendering code more robust
  • Map: Handle missing off-screen rendering capability properly
  • Map: Free only unused atlases in texture atlas
  • Core: Handle places cache loader failure
  • Navigation: Fix color change of event after traffic update
  • Navigation: Fix traffic update on route while driving
  • Android: Fix missing method causing confusion during init with empty secret
  • Routing: Speed limits in certain maps should no longer fallback to default.
  • Search: Add country name to place category subtitle
  • Search: Do not include special city center streets in search results


  • Online: Add Enable/Disable OnlineMapStreaming with success & error callbacks
  • Search: Keep only the most relevant place category hint in autocomplete