Change Log

15.3.1 (2020-01-17)

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Change "at" to index in android assets to prevent crashes
  • Interface: Fix crash when getting sdk route in jni
  • iOS: Connect street notifier
  • iOS: Fix init callback
  • Map: Fix crash in map markers sorting when accessing released object key
  • Map: Fix route Z fighting by drawing furthest route segments first
  • Map: Implement stable sort for map markers drawing
  • Map: Correct traffic visualisation on route when using wapoint or traffic events overlay
  • Map: Refactor map markers ordering
  • Map: Reimplement algorithm for cutting traffic on route
  • Map: Show incidents of type ERadarType::Unspecified
  • Map: Fix traffic incident "icy patches"
  • Map: Use the same default bitmap factory for map markers
  • Navigation: Enable online scout compute
  • Places: Add iso and entrypoint to places from map reader
  • Places: Use correct order of place attributes
  • Places: Use two-chars country code on interface
  • Search: Make search type combinator cancellable
  • Search: Return correct distance from coordinate search results
  • Windows: Cancelled LowHttp requests now call callback on cancellation


  • Android: Add authenticate() method to OnlineManager, deprecate old auth methods
  • Core: Improve initialization failure handling
  • iOS: Add description message to initialization callback result
  • Search: Add support for EV charging stations
  • Search: Remove region filter from search request