Change Log

9.0.0 (2019-02-19)


  • iOS: [SYDriversBehaviorLog removeTrip:] has been renamed to [SYDriversBehaviorLog removeTripWithId:]

Bug Fixes

  • Core: Avoid infinite increasing of DriversBehaviorTrip's location and event arrays
  • Core: conversion issue from json string to enum class in json library
  • Core: Remove possible deadlock when setting chunk promises by reducing scope of the lock
  • Core: Set auth and product server for diagnostics purpose
  • Interface: typo in type annotation
  • iOS: Create correct SYDrivingEvent subclasses in trip events array.
  • iOS: Update SYAnnotationView frame on main thread to prevent crash when using autolayout
  • Map: Fix possible crash in autozoom, when requesting trajectory
  • Map: Fix possible crash in MapView deinitialization
  • Map: Fixed issue with removal of passed part of the route in some lower zoom levels
  • Navigation: Demonstrate repeating fix
  • Navigation: Fixes vehicle snapping issues
  • Navigation: Fixes waypoint passing
  • Navigation: Offline trajectory generation with wiapoint creates continuous geometry
  • Navigation: Recompute fix
  • Navigation: Reset route progress after new compute
  • Routing: Corrects hazard parameters
  • Routing: Turns off alternatives during online recompute
  • Windows: Create all filesystem directory levels, not only one.


  • iOS: Add method to remove trip from SYDriversBehaviorLog with SYDriversBehaviorTrip* parameter

Performance Improvements

  • Map: Improve slow bottleneck using height map for many loaded maps