Sygic navigated rally fans on their incredible journey

04. 04. 2014 · 1 min read

Sygic became a partner of a team, which participated in Bamako Rally 2014 and navigated them on an incredible journey. On 24 January, DoubleRed team went on an 18 thousand kilometer long adventure.

Starting in Budapest and aiming for town of Banjul in Gambia. The whole journey lasted almost a month during which they have experienced things they have never experienced in life, they have seen what they have never seen before and they have eaten what they have never wanted to eat. Atlas Mountains prepared for them snowy broken roads in the altitude of 2300 and even 2700 meters above sea level. Endless mountains full of beautiful, varied and breath-taking panorama. They crossed Western Sahara on comfortable asphalt road, most of which led along the Atlantic Ocean with its strong waves hitting surrounding high cliffs. Mauritania prepared a cultural shock for them, but B2 beach with camp on shore of Atlantic Ocean and crossing nearly 150 kilometers along the beach at low tide, completely made up for it.

On one side golden dunes, on the other side endless Atlantic. To drive through perfectly flat beach at 100 km/h with deafening crashing of ocean waves and watching local fishermen is unforgettable experience. Senegal and its crowded and eternally alive cities with cattle grazing on the road and always smiling locals in their typical colorful African clothing. The have experienced both adrenalin and fun in a national park while kayaking on the river next to hippopotami. The official end of the road as well as the charity rally was in Banjul. During the whole journey they were handing out toys and school supplies to local children.

Feeling of relief and satisfaction. That is what they felt after ending of their greatest journey yet. When they left behind the old African continent on the ferry and landed in France, they headed straight to Monaco Harbour to have a delicious coffee. And then … Quick way to home :)

Written by Branislav Zajaček