Full text search with Sygic Mobile SDK

20. 04. 2017 · 0 min read

Today we are going to take a look at another great thing about upcoming Sygic Mobile SDK and it is called Full text Autocomplete Search.

Full text search

Part of Sygic’s Mobile SDK is super-fast customizable Full text Autocomplete Search engine. One of its advantages is searching POIs in categories, supporting also searching by postal codes. Search is also completely capable to work with misspellings.

The main asset of Full text search is its speed, while results are displaying in matter of milliseconds. The more misspellings are in input, the long search it takes.

Intelligent Search
Full text search considers language localization of the name in the map and also language of user. It gives you results based on your actual position as well. For example, if you type in simple “pizza Paris”, you get all possible pizza restaurants around. It helps you to effectively browse objects around you moreover you can easily add your custom data to already existing ones

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Written by RS