Field Work

Sygic Navigation SDK allowed to launch navigation to destination without user interaction eliminating mistaken addresses inputs.

Sygic Professional Navigation completing worldwide leading vehicle tracking company's solution.

Sygic has certainly made a great contribution to our customers’ travel time that has reduced by as much as 60%.

Sygic offers rich integration possibilities. In Sigmax application you can use navigation with a simple touch to easily direct you to the next customer.

5000 technicians equipped with Sygic Professional Navigation.

Over 1000 service vehicles in Netherlands drive with Sygic Professional Navigation embedded into the dash board.


Navigation with SDK

Navigation with SDK

  • Reduce travel time up to 60%
  • Reduce errors by dispatching the customers’ locations directly into the navigation
  • Save up to 30% battery consumption compared to online navigation apps
Sygic Maps

Sygic Maps

  • Single source of map data and routing on web and on mobile device
  • Ready to use multi-vehicle and multi-stop optimization
  • Custom POIs, real time or historical traffic data, fuel prices and parking info

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60% reduced travel time

Navigating service fleets to correct locations in time

We needed to be able to launch the GPS navigation application directly from our WFM system to facilitate the technicians’ user experience and to help them to find the correct location,” explains Francois Blignaut, from Powertech System Integrators.

Thanks to Sygic SDK and the smooth activation mechanisms of Sygic Professional Navigation, technicians are now always quickly navigated to the correct location even when data coverage is not available. Sygic receives coordinates or addresses from either the workforce management system or the Mobile GIS system. In any of these cases, the navigation is launched and takes the technician to the correct location.

It can be certainly largely attributed to Sygic's offline capability- our customers’ travel time has reduced by as much as 60%,“ concludes Blignaut.

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Reduced mistaken addresses inputs

Backing up workforce in field

A leading North American satellite television provider integrated Sygic Professional Navigation into their workforce management solution. Before the integration with Sygic, drivers had problems navigating in unfamiliar neighborhoods and in areas with insufficient data coverage.

Dish operations in the field required customization without user interaction at launch to reduce mistaken addresses inputs, earlier next turn instructions, and customized map content to avoid parkways. Sygic's solution increased efficiency and safety of the Dish fleet.


Integrating Partners

  • MiX Telematics
  • Vehco
  • Loqus Fleet Ltd
  • NEC Australia Pty Ltd
  • Digicore
  • Powertech


  • Saudi Electricity Company
  • Dish
  • Eskom
  • ANWB
  • Endesa
  • A1