Sygic Maps

Online Maps API, Geocoding & Search, Routing and Optimization APIs for web development of Enterprise solutions

  • Here, TomTom, OSM & local maps and data under one roof
  • Easy to integrate – intuitive maps APIs and outstanding support
  • Commercial routing & optimization algorithm for Truck, Emergency, Bus, Van, Taxi used by +500k professional drivers worldwide
  • Single source of map data and routing on web and on mobile device
  • Transparent pricing per asset

Data for every use case

Sygic Maps cover 202 countries worldwide, including local POIs, real time or historical traffic data, fuel prices, toll costs and parking information from different vendors and sources.

Sygic Maps offer logistics data such as truck restrictions and specific POIs, delivery zones to support food, postal and parcel or local distribution, focus on safety and optimized map look for track & trace solutions.


Map Agnostic

Sygic Maps offers seamless functionality using different map providers. You can select for each of your project or fleet different provider, HERE or TomTom premium quality map data or community OpenStreetMaps.

We can work with local map providers as well as use your own data prepared in ESRI or another standard map format.


Cloud based

Maps API, geocoding, search, routing, directions and even advanced sequencing and optimization services accessible from cloud means no additional costs for hardware or software licenses nor a need for support team. We take care about everything – high availability, disaster recovery, backup, maintenance, upgrade and update.

Our architecture dynamically scales and runs in multiple locations to improve user experience. No personal data stored on our infrastructure means no problem with information privacy law.


Commercial routing & route optimization

Sygic Maps offer unlimited sequencing and optimization experience. Ready to use multi-vehicle and multi-stop optimization with various restrictions, vehicle attributes, such as vehicle type, availability, capacity, cost per km, cost per hour, maximum driving and working times, task attributes, e.g. compatible vehicles, volume, priority, pickup, and delivery service times and time windows.

Complex result-set, e.g. vehicles used, tasks and capacity served, total costs, working time, distance, and time driven, individual routes with details.

Even more advanced optimization algorithms, consultancy and project based customization provided in cooperation with our partners.

Single source map data and routing on web and on mobile device

Using single source of map data with Sygic Maps in the back office and Sygic Professional Navigation on the drivers‘ device driven distances will be the same as planned in the office. This results in much more efficient operational cost planning.



Sygic provides professional technical support to developers and software vendors integrating our navigation with the SDK.

Sygic offers professional customer project management support and a team of highly skilled developers able to provide custom solutions and features.

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