The New Paradigm of Automotive Connectivity & Navigation

10. 11. 2014

Sygic Connecting Internet of Things, Navigation thru Advanced Mobile to Automotive Technology.

The automotive industry is currently experiencing its largest paradigm shift in decades. “Automotive connectivity”, until recently only a theoretical concept, is wholly transforming our cars’ operating systems and the way we interact with the digital world. Research shows that by 2025 approximately 104 million new cars (88%) will have some form of connectivity, a number supported by rising demand from consumers for a seamless “cloud” experience.

Sygic is taking the automotive connectivity industry by storm by singlehandedly redesigning navigation in the connected car industry. With unparalleled advancements and a universal market presence, Sygic will continue to dominate the connected market with auspicious growth projected for the next 5-10 years. Sygic is currently the #2 GPS publisher in Google Play, #3 in the app store and is proud to welcome almost 10 million new unique users each quarter.

For Sygic, the key to automotive connectivity success is sophisticated GPS precision, sleek cutting-edge design, lightning-fast intuitive user experience, and partnerships with the biggest automotive giants in the business. Current partners include Jaguar Land Rover (InControl), Honda (Display Audio) and ŠKODA (Mirrorlink), and with seamless integration on AppRadio, MySpin and more, Sygic Navigation is pushing the limits of universal smart-device navigation connectivity.

“Users can access Sygic’s comprehensive GPS navigation portfolio via their vehicle’s infotainment system, opening the door to transformative navigation like never before. For example, let’s say you plan your route on Sygic Sync, select your hotel and sync with your phone. Upon entering your vehicle, your Sygic navigation activates your car’s headunit, head-up-display and vehicle sensors through Sygic Automotive. After your drive, you need to walk to complete the final distance to your destination – so you sync your Smart watch or Google Glass, receive your Sygic directions and begin. When you have reached your destination, you receive your trip’s telematics data, your aggregate ecodrive score, and your travel book back on your Sygic Sync. Effortlessly, you are connected: with Sygic, and you have intuitive, secure and scalable connected tech solutions to help you reach your full potential,” said Michal Štencl, Sygic CEO.

By accelerating Sygic’s cutting-edge navigation technology inline with its connectivity forecasts, Sygic will perpetuate its trailblazing legacy. Sygic is happy to report that the future of tech innovation holds much in store, and Sygic will be right with you every step of the way.

On-the-go lifestyles have shaped the navigation experience with demand for fully customizable journeys and integrated infotainment technology. Optimized mobile to automotive connectivity is contingent on advanced understanding of human proclivity and consumption, and the integration revolution has personalized vehicular computing by fully facilitating driver needs. An almost sevenfold increase in new cars equipped with mobile connectivity is anticipated in the next four years, and Sygic has tackled this new frontier with ambitious technology for individuals, businesses and families alike. Connectivity innovation is projected to generate $50 billion over the next decade and Sygic is well on its way to pioneering nascent connectivity prospects.