Sygic Professional Navigation allows dispatchers to send the address and route right to the in-cab MDT platform, allowing the driver to easily navigate to the pickup or drop-off with one touch of a button.

Digital Fleet solution integrates Sygic Professional Navigation including customized app behavior and menu with special predefined buttons.

Sygic Professional Navigation is used by default as an in-vehicle messaging and navigation component.

Drivers with ready to mix concrete are able to arrive to the construction sites on time.

Sygic API "AddItinerary" is used to create itineraries and guide drivers on their daily routes.

Sygic's text-to-speech function increases safety and smoothness of the drive during navigating.


Navigation with SDK

Navigation with SDK

  • Avoid all roads not suitable for your truck, cargo or hazardous materials
  • Include construction site roads in the navigational maps
  • Optimize routes with multi-stop planning and waypoints
Sygic Maps

Sygic Maps

  • Single source of map data and routing on web and on mobile device
  • Multi stop planning and Waypoints
  • Geofences and custom map overlays

Prípadové štúdie

Enhanced planning capabilities with precise ETA

Helping the truck drivers be on time

FiveCubits, a division of Command Alkon, is a leading bulk material supply chain solutions company, focusing on optimizing all aspects of transportation planning and performance.

FiveCubits integrates Sygic Professional Navigation into their solution and uses Sygic Truck Navigation with maps avoiding routes unsuitable for large vehicles. Sygic APIs as “AddItinerary” are used to create itineraries and guide drivers with the FiveCubits solution on their daily routes to construction sites. Precise navigation and ETAs are crucial for the truck drivers, which have little idle time to deliver ready mixed concrete for placement. Drivers can also use the text-to-speech function increasing their safety and smoothness of the drive during navigating.

Improved communication with drivers

Customizing navigation behavior

Digital Fleet, LLC. is a GPS asset tracking and fleet telematics company providing easy-to-use reliable real-time vehicle tracking solutions in the Ready Mix industry.

To simplify drivers’ experiences while navigating, Digital Fleet solution uses Sygic Professional Navigation with customized app behavior and menu with special predefined buttons. Digital Fleet integrates Sygic SDK into their solution and uses API functions such as “ShowMessage” or “FlashMessage” which allow sending messages from dispatchers to drivers and “ChangeApplicationOptions” to customize navigation behavior.


Integrating Partners

  • MiX Telematics
  • InSight Mobile Data, Inc.
  • Five Cubits
  • Digital Fleet
  • Calamp
  • Matrix Telematics


  • Thomas Concrete Group
  • Cemex
  • CRH
  • DUNN Building Company
  • Lafarge
  • SCM