Installation of Navigation


Navigation is the key module for integration and as such needs to be installed prior deployment of the integrating application.
Please note the installation of navigation is only necessary in the type of standalone integration (not embedded integration).

The 3D Android navigation can be installed from either of the following sources:

  • alternative 1: from navigation+sdk package
  • alternative 2: from download link
  • alternative 3: from Google Play

If you don't have it please go to Download site.

Installation of package

The navigation application is represented by a single apk file.
The apk needs to be copied to your Android device as a single file.

Alternative 1: Installation from package

The apk is located inside navigation+sdk package in its Sygic3D subfolder.
We have several versions of navigation for Android and the naming conventions are as follows:

  • SygicFleet.apk - professional navigation with sdk support, including all vehicles support
  • SygicTruck.apk - consumer navigation for trucks (in future will cease to support sdk)
  • SygicTaxi.apk - navigation with extra support for taxi

You may select any version for installation.

Alternative 2: Installation from download link

The apk is directly the navigation package being typically sent through a download link.
An example:
Installation of navigation is about to copy the appropriate apk to the Android device and starting it. Android OS will automatically start the installation process, the result of which will be an application icon appearing on screen.

Alternative 3: Installation from Google Play

The apk is directly installed with Google Play infrastructure when selecting the application:Sygic Professional Navigation

Invoking the navigation on device

The navigation invocation is about clicking on Sygic application icon.

First time running

The first time running of the navigation will create a navigation parent folder (e.g. SygicNavigation) at the device and underneath it will extract navigation resources within the subfolders Android, Res, Maps.
The name of the parent folder depends on the navigation version. The placement of the folder depends on the navigation and Android version.

Example with Sygic Professional Navigation:

For newer Sygic Navigation versions (since 20.0.0) or Android 10 and higher the resources will appear in the application specific folder


For older Sygic Navigation versions the resources will appear in the device root.


Please note that the Maps folder will be initially empty and gets filled automatically with license activation and subsequent online download.
Alternatively it is possible to preinstall the Maps and Res upfront in order to ease first application run. This option however can only be done with a help of Sygic customer project manager.

Activating the navigation

With first installation on a device the application is configured for 7 day trial period.
If you want to extend the license for testing purposes please contact your sales representative for sending you an activating product code. If you purchased licenses for commercial usage the navigation needs to be activated according to an agreed mechanism. The following activation scenarios are supported:

After activation the application will automatically open up Maps dialog for download of any map selection available within license. Note that you can add or remove maps anytime later through the menu My Sygic. For map download operation you will need the internet access, Wifi recommended.