Custom URL


With the iOS Custom URL scheme you can implement a simple integration of your application with Sygic navigation.

Example using HTML

This HTML web page example shows 4 hyperlinks to start Sygic navigation for showing the predefined locations and driving to the locations.

    SLOVAKIA 48.159673,17.111206
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|show">Sygic show</a>
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|17.12812|48.15594|drive">Sygic navigate to</a>
    USA (Illinois) 41.87985,-87.636395
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|-87.636395|41.87985|show">Sygic show</a>
    <a href="com.sygic.aura://coordinate|-87.636395|41.87985|drive">Sygic navigate to</a>


name URL scheme Example
show map on an address com.sygic.aura/address | country or country ISO code | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|SVK|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|show
drive to an address com.sygic.aura/address | country or country ISO code | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|SVK|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|drive
walk to an address com.sygic.aura/address | country or country ISO code | city | postal | street | house number | type com.sygic.aura://address|SVK|Bratislava|85101|Einsteinova|21|walk
show map on coordinates com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|15.06591|47.73341|show
drive to coordinates com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|15.06591|47.73341|drive
walk to coordinates com.sygic.aura://coordinate | lon | lat | type com.sygic.aura://coordinate|15.06591|47.73341|walk
loads json itinerary com.sygic.aura://route | file com.sygic.aura://route|myitinerary.sif
opens web page directly in navigation com.sygic.aura://url | webpage com.sygic.aura://url|
show sygic products' shop com.sygic.aura://mysygic com.sygic.aura://mysygic
show product detail from shop com.sygic.aura://mysygicproduct | productId com.sygic.aura://mysygicproduct|14307
buy a license for a product com.sygic.aura://mysygicbuy | productId com.sygic.aura://mysygicbuy|14307
restore all purchases com.sygic.aura://restore com.sygic.aura://restore
control truck settings
(available since 13.6.0)
com.sygic.aura://truckSettings | parameterstring

where parameterstring is of the form
for details, see the table bellow.



Truck settings parameter string

key description Example
mxs defines maximum speed in km/h mxs=90
wei defines total weight in kilograms wei=15000
axl defines maximum axle weight in kilograms axw=1200
len defines length in milimeters len=7800
wid defines width in milimeters wid=2450
hei defines height in milimeters hei=3450
rou defines routing type, where the possible values are:
car, tru (truck), cmp (camper), van

Multiple actions in one call

It is possible to chain several actions within a single URL call using the &&& sign.



License terms

Integrating with the Custom URL scheme is restricted to Personal usage.
For Commercial usage of the URL scheme please contact our sales representatives.