Run Demo


In four steps you will be able to run the navigation-integrating demo application on your Linux device.
All available examples demonstrate the use of API functions for communicating with navigation core, and thus they illustrate designs of simple applications.
You need to have your Linux environment set up correctly to provide g++ compilation environment. We provide few examples, some requiring extra libraries like X11 or Qt.

Step 1 : Download package

Download the navigation+sdk package zip with our Contact form. Make sure Linux as Operating system is selected in the contact form.
You will receive the download link to your email in few seconds.
The package contains:

  • Navigation application executable with resources files inside the folder Navigation
  • Demo application source code and supporting libraries inside the folder SDK/Examples

After downloading please unzip it locally on your Linux computer. It should look as follows:


Step 2 : Build the demo example using Makefile

Enter any of the existing demo examples through going into a corresponding subfolder inside SDK/Examples. E.g. cd SDK/Examples/ExampleX11.
Each example subfolder contains Makefile for quick compilation through issuing make all.
The following demo examples are available:

  • SDK/Examples/ExampleSimple
    demonstrates API use with a simple console-based application

  • SDK/Examples/ExampleX11
    demonstrates API use with a simple X11 windows application
    The example requires you have installed X11 support libraries. In case of problem check the following hints:
    ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libx11-dev
    debian: sudo apt-get install libx11-dev

In case you have a problem with compilation there is a precompiled executable in the package inside SDK/Examples/XXX/precompiled.
In case you use the precompiled example, please note the path to the Drive executable is set to "../../../../Navigation/Sygic2D/Drive/Linux/Drive".

Step 3 : Install demo on your Linux device

For installation you basically only need three copy operations, which put together navigation, application example and drivers as follows:

  • navigation installation
    tree copy Navigation/SygicXXX (e.g. Navigation/Sygic2D) on device.
    More details on how-to in Installation of Navigation.
  • application installation copy demo application Example executable (e.g. ExampleX11) on device
  • drivers installation copy the ".so" libraries (SDK/Lib) on device next to the Example* executable.

Finally the file setup on your device could look as follows:


Please note the examples define the path to the navigation. In the above case it should be: navipath="./Sygic2D/Drive/Linux/Drive".
In case you change the position of the navigation (Drive*) you need to adapt the path in the example accordingly.

Step 4 : Run the example

After sucessfull installation of example starting the Example executable (e.g. ExampleX11) will run the navigation demo example.
When starting the demo application needs to have access to the dynamic libraries (.so files).
It maybe be necessary to set the paths to the libararies by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH. E.g. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./.