Web activation for online devices


The web activation is a type of license preactivation, performed at Sygic Business License portal, based on a supplied list of device id's and/or usernames.
When Sygic Navigation on a particular device is then started, it will connect to the license server to automatically activate a license if not yet activated.

This type of activation is suitable with cases where the id's of your set of devices are known, or you want to distribute licenses as usernames exploiting login scheme. This type of activation requires navigation to have an internet access for a short moment during initial run to perform the activation operation. This type of activation is suitable for mass activation.

This type of activation is available for the following versions of Sygic navigation:

  • Sygic Fleet 3D
  • Sygic Truck 3D
  • Sygic Taxi 3D

Preactivation on server

With a license purchase you deliver the list of device id's and/or the list of usernames

. And you can perform the activation of the licenses right a way through Sygic Business License portal with the following steps.

  1. Select the product for activation
    In the Orders tab select the product of which the licenses are to be activated.
    Before you move on please verify you have enough free licenses available for a given product.

  2. Import the list of device id's or logins
    Click on the button Activate licenses

    and copy-paste the list of id's into the dialog window

  3. Activation
    Before clicking on OK please double check you selected the correct type of licensing, either Device ID or User name.

    For activation just click on the OK button.

    Since these are the online licenses the devices are immediately activated.

  4. Verification
    In the Orders tab you can directly see that the number of licenses were activated, i.e. the number of activated licenses increased and the number of free licenses decreased.

Automatic activation on device

When next starting Sygic Navigation on any of the license preactivated devices, Sygic Navigation connects to Sygic license server and automatically activates the license if the actual device id or successfully logged username matches the license list on Sygic server. When successful the navigation follows with a map download unless maps are preinstalled.