Allows areas on a map (geofence polygons) to be highlighted and to track vehicles and assets present in this area.

The navigation notifies the driver and the dispatcher in real time if the driver crosses the border and about his or her presence inside the geofence.

Custom map overlays

Visualize various GIS layers (e.g. infrastructure lines, pipe network, or unmapped roads, etc.) on the Sygic Navigation map using the custom geometry files.

Import custom POIs

Add custom points of interest (POIs) to the navigation maps. You can very easily find the nearest POI from your current position and get navigated to this waypoint.

Map conflation

Companies that need to navigate their drivers on roads not mapped on standard maps, such as private or lease roads, can import their map content onto Sygic Professional Navigation.

Conflated maps can provide customers with voice-guided navigation from the city directly to assets on their own roads, such as navigating to oil wells.


Fleets that need the mutual visibility of vehicles can share the position of other co-workers directly on the navigation screen while navigating.

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