MWC 2019: Sygic and Ford Have Unveiled First Connected Navigation with Truck Routing

25. 02. 2019

The latest upcoming update allows drivers of trucks, vans, pickups, and caravans with Ford SYNC® connectivity on selected markets to connect their device with the in-dash and operate the Truck Navigation by using built-in display

Sygic, the one and only travel company that supports all connectivity standards has unveiled in-dash connectivity for Truck Navigation at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona featuring truck routing and many other useful features crafted for commercial drivers.

The upcoming update will allow users to project the cutting-edge 3D offline navigation to the in-dash infotainment system and benefit from a variety of safety features.

“We are pioneering the connectivity since 2014. The truck segment is for us another milestone, with numerous possibilities in the connectivity segment, which will be unveiled soon,” said Sygic CEO Martin Strigac.

The Truck Navigation from Sygic is used by more than a million professional drivers every day and comes with a variety of safety and smart features. The maps also work in rural areas with no internet connectivity thanks to full-fledged offline maps with 3D-modeled landmark buildings allowing easier orientation.

Drivers of trucks and camper vans can rely on several dedicated features and tailored routing experience. This includes setting up the vehicle parameters along with maximum speed to avoid restrictions, narrow roads, and low bridges.

While planning the route, drivers can use the Google Chrome extension Sygic Truck Route Sender, which will allow them to send an unlimited number of waypoints directly to their Truck Navigation. The app will optimize the route in order to achieve the best time and fuel efficiency with an option to choose from millions of truck and camping related points of interests (POI).

“We are seeing huge potential in the segment of connected navigations for this type of vehicle. The built-in connected infotainment systems are being considered by the growing number of truck OEMs,” explained Strigac.

As he added, “In this segment, the deeper integration of maps with data from car sensors and other telematics systems makes particular sense if we want to improve the operational efficiency of fleets. Therefore providing a Truck Navigation with SDK opens a whole new universe of opportunities.”

The Sygic Truck Navigation with Ford SYNC® connectivity, software version 2.3 or higher, will be released at the end of March for Android devices and in the third quarter for iOS.

Sygic Truck Navigation is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information about how Sygic integrates data from car sensors is available in the recent blog post.