Advanced Navigation through Projection

09. 03. 2015 · 1 min read

Keeping your attention on the road while driving is crucial for keeping yourself and your passengers safe. Diverting your attention from the road, however briefly, can be extremely unsafe, especially when driving after a long and tiring day, after nightfall or in bad weather conditions. The Head-up Display add-on feature for Sygic GPS Navigation makes driving in such conditions both safer and more comfortable for the driver.

Head-up Displays were first developed during the World War II. They allowed pilots to aim more easily, showing important information such as air speed velocity and attack angle while literally keeping their heads up and eyes forward, rather than looking down at instruments.

Today HUDs are well known form first-person perspective games, like shooters and RPGs. Interfaces players use to keep track of their health, ammunition or objective are all displayed in some variety of HUD. They've also appeared in sci-fi movies as part of everyday technology.

Sygic is the first turn-by-turn navigation with built-in Head-up Display. This add-on feature enables drivers to both see well and know where they are going without ever taking their attention from the road. All without any additional accessories or standalone devices.

Head-up Display (HUD) projects information on the windshield, tells you where to turn, notifies you of speed limit, identifies how close you are to your destination and even gives you warnings about speed cameras all right in front of your eyes -- and while you're actually able to see the road.

Tapping the HUD button on the app’s menu enables a simplified, high-contrast navigation display. Simply place your phone on your car’s dashboard, and the reversed display reflects on your car’s windshield, showing the distance and direction of the next turn, your current speed and the road’s speed limit. The display is easy to read when reflected on the windshield and makes for a more convenient driving while minimising distraction.

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Written by Simona Párnická