Route optimization with Sygic API’s for web

05. 05. 2017 · 2 min read

Route optimization

Sygic’s Optimization API can provide optimization for every use case. From a simplest waypoint sequence for one vehicle to a complicated multi vehicle optimization that will decide which vehicles will carry out which tasks.

There are multiple ways to customize the optimization algorithm:

  • Service time – Time needed to provide service on each waypoint. Whether it is pick up or delivery, there is always time needed to carry out the order.
  • Time window – Period during which order must be delivered. It becomes very important, in case when there are penalties for missing the time windows. Sygic Optimization API will always create the route in a such fashion that all time windows are met. If you are worried about unexpected traffic events, Sygic Professional Navigation SDK can help to alert drivers that there is a traffic on their route and will also suggest changing waypoint sequence to meet the time window period.
  • Task priority – Some tasks are more important than others. From zero to critical priority. While our algorithm is always aiming to plan all waypoints, sometimes there can be a situation where there are simply not enough vehicles for given amount of deliveries. That’s where task priority becomes important.
  • Vehicle capacity – Each vehicle is different and so is each delivery. If you provide this information, Sygic will compute the best cargo distribution among all available vehicles and plan the routes accordingly.

Sygic Optimization API is powered by our own Distance Matrix that can compute any amount of origin-destinations. If you need to compute with number that is set above our commercial limit, feel free to contact our technical support.

Our Distance Matrix can be used separately with 3rd Party optimization Algorithm of your choice.

Optimization is a two-step process. The first is to POST all vehicles, stops and parameters and second is to GET the request from the server. Result is stored for a period of time for potential reuse if same sequence is needed in a short time span.

Once you receive result, you can then proceed with Route calculation and visualize planned route using Routing and Maps API’s.

For detailed guide on how to use Sygic Optimization API, please refer to our documentation.

Written by Zuzana Mikova