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Sygic GPS Navigation

Turns your smartphone into
the ultimate navigation system.

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Let’s dive into the details

  • Head-up display

    Head up Display projects navigation instructions onto
    the windshield, directly in your line of sight. You are free
    to keep all your attention on driving. Head up display
    does not require any additional accessories.

  • Route planning

    Drag & Drop route editing
    Adjusting the route has never been easier. Just tap on the route, hold your finger a bit longer and drag and drop the route …that’s all.

    Alternative routes
    Select a destination and get three alternative routes to choose from.

    Multi-Stop Routes
    Plan a trip with multiple waypoints, optimize it with advanced routing options and save it for later.

    Avoid Toll roads and Motorways in one country or on entire route. You can also choose to avoid a street or roadblock according to your needs.

  • Advanced voices

    Don’t take your eyes of the road. Instead focus all your attention on driving. The Spoken Street Names feature based on text to speech synthesis provides you with precise instructions that tell you the names of streets and cities, as well as the direction and distance.

    Voices available: American English, British English, Canadian French, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian (Android only).

  • Lane Guidance

    Dynamic Lane Guidance
    Don’t worry when navigating a complicated junction, Dynamic Lane Guidance moves as you go and clearly shows the right lane to be in.

    Lane assistant
    This simplified version of lane guidance provides you with a clear look ahead, so you won’t miss the next exit.

    Junction view
    On the most difficult highway intersections, realistic Junction View helps you make your way.

  • Places & POIs

    Millions of built in POIs
    Whether you’re looking for a hotel, restaurant or want to go shopping and then taste the nightlife, Sygic GPS Navigation offers all the hints you need.

    Sygic Places
    Personalize your Sygic GPS Navigation app with exclusive POIs from providers such as TripAdvisor, and available as a free download within the app in My Sygic menu.

    Import your own POIs
    Import points of interest from free sources on the internet, adding your favorite locations into your app. Click here for instructions

  • Safety

    Sharp curve warnings
    When approaching a sharp curve at a high speed the app will tell you to slow down. And because every driver is different, this smart algorithm will learn and adjust warnings to suit your driving style

    Upcoming speed limit change
    For increased safety and a smooth driving experience, Sygic shows the upcoming speed limit change before it becomes effective.

    SOS / Help for quick assistance
    Call for help with a single tap, or get guidance to nearest hospital, police station, pharmacy or gas station.

    Blackbox video recorder
    Record what’s happening on the road, to use as evidence in case of accident.

  • Fixed speedcams

    Fixed speed cameras
    With a built-in database of fixed speed cameras, you will receive warnings for permanently installed speed cameras in audio
    as well as visually.
    You can add real-time mobile camera reports into your app with our Premium speed cameras add-on feature.

    Speed Limits
    No more speeding tickets for exceeding the speed limit. Sygic GPS Navigation will warn you if your foot gets too heavy on the gas pedal.

  • 3D Design

    A precise map is not enough to easily find your bearing in an unfamiliar city. Beautiful 3D landmarks, buildings, parks, mountains and valleys, together with smooth map movement, make driving with Sygic GPS Navigation both practical and enjoyable.

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