Future of the food delivery logistics

06. 11. 2014 · 2 min read

Portal Ham.sk gathers dozens of verified restaurants in one place. Using Ham.sk portal you can choose and order food you fancy at the moment from the restaurants that are available near your current position in few clicks. Ham! will deliver your order to the restaurant and immediately let you know about the status of your ordering.

In order to enrich the offer available on the portal, Ham! covers also deliveries for selected restaurants with own delivery cars. Ordering online through the Ham! portal is comfortable thanks to the possibility to pay directly online, and also favorable due to the loyalty program and special discounts.

“Before implementing Sygic FleetWork mobile application and software we had been distributing orders to our couriers through the simple email and we needed to control manually the status of every order and driver. This system did not take into account the complicated logistics behind such sophisticated service we aspired to provide,” says Boris Gombarčík, Co-founder at Ham.sk.

Ham! therefore decided to find a simple and efficient solution that would help to organize fast deliveries from multiple points to multiple locations with a limited number of drivers.

The team at Ham! soon discovered Sygic FleetWork solution.

Mr. Gombarcik continues, “It took 5 minutes from registering the free trial to sending the first test order to mobile device. After integrating Sygic FleetWork into our ordering system using Sygic APIs we were able to deliver orders directly from Ham.sk portal to the FleetWork app on drivers’ Android phone, making whole system fully automatic and extremely efficient. The orders are dispatched automatically according courier location and numbers of orders he is currently delivering.”

Ham! is now able to monitor the time for each delivery to guarantee the quality of the services to the clients. Sygic FleetWork provides clients with delivery time estimation and possibility to monitor status of their order online in real time.

On fleet management side, Ham! managers have now an exact overview of kilometers driven by each driver, allowing more effective monitoring of drivers performance.

To enhance even more the quality of the service in terms of delivery times and the efficiency of whole fleet in terms of fuel costs, Ham! is now working on activating route optimization available directly in the Sygic FleetWork solution.

“The results of the implementation of Sygic FleetWork into our service has helped us to improve significantly our service by reducing delivery times and communication around each order. Automated job dispatching has helped us to eliminate mistaken deliveries and our service is actually becoming the biggest food delivery service in the market”, concludes Mr. Gombarcik from Ham!.

Written by RS