Global POI database & planning tools with Sygic Travel SDK / API

14. 07. 2017 · 1 min read

The Sygic Travel SDK / API provides access to information about millions of points of interest (POIs), hotels and tours together with trip planning tools. You can use these for various travel business applications from providing detailed information about sights to building a complex trip planner of your own. All the features can be embedded both in a website or in an iOS or Android mobile app.

Global POIs database

The database covers major tourist sights in the entire world plus 20 million of other travel-related places from museums and restaurants to parking lots. It is based on the OpenStreetMap data and augmented with our own content. The following types of information are available:

  • Names
  • Descriptions
  • GPS coordinates
  • Photos
  • 360° videos
  • Contact information
  • Opening hours
  • Admission fees
  • Wikipedia links
  • Smart use-case categories
  • Tags

The SDK also offers multilingual support. Currently, names and descriptions are available in 14 languages.

Tours and Hotels database

  • 70,000 tours
  • 2 million hotels

Individual POIs are matched to relevant tours and activities you can offer to your customers, earning ancillary revenue. Same as POIs, you can also display tours relevant only to a certain destination. With the SDK, you also display information about more than 2 million hotels, list and sort them as well as search in them.

Planning tools

The planning tools enable the following features:

  • List and sort POIs - You can request a list of POIs for any place on Earth and sort it by popularity, type, tags and other criteria according to your desired use case.
  • Favorites - Your customers can create lists of favorite places based on their own preferences, allowing them to plan their trips in detail and have all the chosen places readily available.
  • Display POIs on maps - Any place or groups of places can be displayed on a map. You can also use custom map layers.
  • Smart map spread - Display groups of places according to desired criteria (tags, categories) on a map. The map automatically centers and adjusts the zoom level to provide a quick overview of the geographical layout.

Other features (such as day-to-day itineraries) coming soon.
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Written by Barbora Nevosádová