Bee2Waste's optimization powered by Sygic Maps can decrease operating costs up to 30%

12. 12. 2018 · 2 min read

Leading Portugal tech company, Compta Emerging Business integrates Sygic Maps APIs into Bee2Waste, a powerful urban waste collection solution serving more than 40 cities across Europe and South America.
The Bee2Waste solution addresses all the phases of the urban cleanness processes by interacting with a wide variety of IoT sensors to deliver the most efficient working methods and technologies adjusted to the particular needs of each city project.

One of the most important features of the system is the optimization of collection routes for multiple vehicles, considering different attributes for each collecting company and fleet. Sygic solution much contributed to enhancing this route optimization process.

Integrating Sygic Maps

“We integrated Sygic Maps as one of our featured modules into our main framework which allows us to provide this feature not only for waste management but for any other solution that integrates fleet management or route planning. Used API functions are Maps API, Routing API and Optimization API, and Sygic support helped us through any process needed,” says Sérgio Spinola, Product & Systems Engineer at Compta Emerging Business.

Sygic Maps offer a number of features which helped Compta Emerging Business to deploy their own optimization solution. Sygic route optimization algorithms allowed to reduce the distances and travel times. Sygic Truck routing helps to overcome restrictions for each type of vehicle of the fleet. Statistical traffic data makes it possible to schedule routes according to the best conditions on the road. Moreover, after the customized routes were sent wirelessly to a navigation console of each vehicle, the routes were being adjusted regarding traffic conditions in real time.

These are the features that improve the urban waste collection operations, but the biggest added value of Sygic Map APIs is the availability of worldwide relevant data for logistics operations under one roof.

Improvements and results

"Sygic helped us to reduce distances, time spent and specific costs of fleet maintenance, better management of the fleet and human resources and less stress for drivers.” Speaking of business results: “Bee2Waste's premium optimization, provided by the Sygic’s solution, can decrease operating costs by around 10-30%. This reduction, in the context and dimension of urban waste collection management operations, is indeed very significant,” concludes Mr. Spinola.

About the company

Compta Emerging Business is an IoT solutions manufacturer working for the global market in the areas of Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency, Street Lighting, Urban Waste Collection, Green Spaces, Agriculture & Forests and Cargo Logistics management.
Compta focuses on designing, developing, implementing and maintaining IoT solutions with the goal of improving customers’ business performance and efficiency in the areas of Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

Written by Zuzana Mikova