Could Your Navigation System Prevent the Next Accident? A Closer Look at Truck Safety with Sygic

13. 02. 2024 · 2 min read

With every journey, the right navigation tool can be the difference between a safe delivery and a costly mishap. So, how does Sygic Professional Navigation for trucks stand apart in ensuring fleets operate safely and efficiently on America's vast and varied roadways?

Tailored Routes for Large-Sized Vehicles & Special Cargo

Sygic Professional Navigation goes beyond standard GPS technology by offering routes tailored specifically for trucks. Considering vehicle size, weight, and cargo type, it ensures that drivers are guided through roads that are safe and suitable for their specific vehicle. This means avoiding low bridges, narrow passages, and weight-restricted roads, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and delays.

Precision Lane Guidance

Sygic Professional Navigation brings lane guidance into sharp focus, ensuring that truck drivers are always in the correct lane to make their next move safely. When approaching an intersection, a full screen diagram of the intersection appears on the screen showing in detail which lane to be in. It makes driving easier, safer and less stressful.

Speed Limit Warnings

Sygic Professional Navigation enhances road safety with real-time speed limit warnings, helping drivers maintain safe speeds and reduce the risk of speeding-related incidents. This feature ensures your fleet stays informed, compliant, and safe on every journey.

Preferred Right Turns*

This feature minimizes the need for trucks to make left turns, which often involve crossing oncoming traffic and can lead to increased collision risk. By prioritizing right turns, drivers can maintain smoother, safer routes and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

*In countries where driving on the left side of the road is the norm, this feature adapts by minimizing right turns to enhance safety and efficiency.

Reach Destination on the Right Side

Sygic's navigation ensures drivers stop with the destination on their right, cutting down on the need to cross streets during deliveries. This feature directly enhances driver safety and simplifies the delivery process.

Precomputed Routes for Efficient Planning

Sygic Professional Navigation's precomputed routes allow drivers to concentrate entirely on the road, eliminating the need for in-the-moment navigation decisions. This strategic approach not only ensures drivers can dedicate their full attention to driving but also prevents unnecessary detours, streamlining the journey. By removing the guesswork from routing, we ensure a safer, more efficient trip for every truck in your fleet.

Partnering for Success

Sygic doesn't operate in isolation. By working with leading partners, we offer a navigation solution that's both robust and reliable, designed to meet the unique challenges of the trucking industry. Our partnerships enrich our navigation solutions, providing your fleet with the best possible guidance on the road. If you’d like us to refer you to one of our reliable partners, see the list or contact us.

Customizable for Fleet-Specific Needs

As you navigate the challenges of the trucking industry, the right technology can make a huge difference in ensuring your fleet operates safely and efficiently. Understanding that each fleet operates differently, Sygic Professional Navigation offers customizable features that cater to the needs of your trucks and cargo.

Is your fleet equipped with the best in navigation technology?

If safety is your priority, it might be time to explore what Sygic Professional Navigation can do for you. Reach out to us.

Written by Zuzana Bedlekova