News in Sygic GPS Navigation

21. 03. 2024 · 1 min read

A Journey of Little Improvements
In the world of navigation apps, even the most minor enhancements can significantly improve user experience. Today, we're excited to unveil some of the latest updates to Sygic GPS Navigation, which aim to streamline your journey and make every trip smoother than ever before.

New Route Planner:
Say goodbye to cluttered interfaces and hello to a sleek, intuitive design. Our new route planner has a more user-friendly menu, ensuring that plotting your course is a breeze.

Connected Mode on CarPlay and Android Auto:
Set up your preferences with Places of Interest (POIS) along your route directly on your device. Filter what type of POIS you want to see. Find essential stops like ATMs, restaurants, and shopping malls on the route.

CarPlay Convenience:
Picture this: You just hop into the driver's seat, and the Sygic app springs to life without lifting a finger. With just one tap, you're presented with the option to navigate to your work or home, simplifying your commute. Set your work and home address on your device screen when you open the app at the bottom.

Enhanced Android Auto:
Searching for points of interest (POIs) has never been more informative. Dive into the details of your search results, from fuel prices to contact information for businesses, all at your fingertips.

Customizable Favorites Panel:
Tailoring your navigation experience is key, so we've introduced the ability to hide the favorites panel at the bottom of your screen. Now, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the map, allowing for greater clarity while you explore it.

Smart Route Management with Scout Compute:
Empower your journey with intelligent route management. Whether you prefer automatic acceptance of new, improved routes or the ability to review and reject suggestions manually, the choice is yours.

Fuel type- Ethanol:
Customize your fuel type preferences, including ethanol. Enjoy personalized navigation tailored to your needs. Make every journey efficient and convenient with Sygic GPS Navigation.

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Written by Veronika Chmelarova