IAV solution with Sygic Emergency Navigation is available in all new Volkswagen vehicles specially designed for police service.

Security vehicles in Netherlands and Estonia drive with Sygic Professional Navigation to get to the incident site on time and save valuable minutes with precise ETA.

Sygic Professional Navigation is embedded in the dashboards of American fire trucks allowing the drivers to get to the incident faster.

Up to 11 000 service vehicles from Sao Paulo military police are equipped with Sygic Navigation software.

Police officers are able to get closer to the incidents with special maps for emergency vehicles, allowing them to enter pedestrian zones and roads closed to regular vehicles.

We are saving lives, and Sygic helps us to be where needed quicker.


Navigation with SDK

Navigation with SDK

  • Get to the scene of the incident faster with emergency routing
  • Reliable navigation when broadband connectivity is not available
  • Ensure precise arrivals to incidents with exact door-to-door navigation
Sygic Maps

Sygic Maps

  • Maps with special permissions for emergency vehicles
  • Real time tracking with information about intervention on the map
  • Custom POIs such as hospitals or police stations

Use cases

900 drivers rely on Sygic Emergency routing

Helping to get faster where needed

Sygic Emergency Vehicles Navigation was installed on the devices of St. John ambulance drivers to improve their efficiency and response times. Sygic Navigation was integrated with St. John’s existing software system and it significantly improved the process of dispatching the ambulances, and decreased the time needed to reach their patients.

Sygic Emergency Vehicles Navigation with SDK extension has automated the necessary processes thus reducing errors and improving the efficiency and response time of St. John’s workers. The whole company was able to communicate better and assign tasks more quickly.
The best thing about Sygic is that it was easy to integrate, it allowed for quick responses and it navigates us even in areas without internet connectivity.

We are saving lives, and Sygic helps us to be where we are needed quicker.

Reliable service and offline navigation

Saving priceless minutes during the last-mile navigation

Fire trucks in Czech Republic drive with Sygic Navigation with truck attributes and emergency vehicles routing.

Sygic Navigation is unified with Point X’s RescueNavigator, mobile application intended for Emergency and Rescue forces. Sygic is integrated within the application and can be displayed in the phase of approaching the destination in either sole or in the split view with other map and navigation sources (cartographic map, satellite view, street view, etc.). Route generated by Sygic is used to highlight computed route in other maps.

Drivers appreciate the navigation mostly when they are assisting at an incident which is outside of their response district. Sygic’s exact door-to-door navigation saves them priceless minutes during the last mile navigation. “It is crucial to arrive precisely to the incident as fast as we can. The last 2-miles of navigation are the most critical. Wasting minutes or even seconds by arriving to the wrong destination can sometimes mean the difference between life and death,” Point X.

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Integrating Partners

  • Loqus Fleet Ltd
  • AIS Advanced Infodata Systems GmbH
  • NEC Australia Pty Ltd
  • IAV
  • Point X
  • Nastek


  • Policia Militar Sao Paolo
  • Pierce
  • G4S
  • St. John Ambulance
  • Bundespolizei
  • Osterreichisches Rotes Kreuz