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Join a Sygic community and be a hero on the roads. Together, we go far. It's so easy to use and helpful to all drivers.

We've all been there - driving along, enjoying the scenery, and grooving to the music when something unexpected happens. Your drive takes an unexpected turn, and your estimated arrival time gets pushed back, making you late. This is your moment to shine and lend a helping hand to your fellow drivers.

With Sygic's "Report Incidents" feature, you can become a driving superhero, making the roads safer and more informed for everyone. And, of course, you will be informed by others. Report Incidents also works on CarPlay and Android Auto so that you can report directly on the big screen.

How to report an incident?
In navigating mode, tap on the exclamation mark and select and hit the report button according to what is happening on the road. You can choose from:

• Road Works: Inform others about ongoing road maintenance or construction that might affect their journey.
• Closure: Notify about road closures or blocked routes.
• Accident: Report Car accidents to help others avoid potential delays or hazards.
• Traffic: Warn the community about heavy traffic areas so they can plan alternative routes.
• Police: Keep everyone informed about police sightings or checkpoints on the road.
• Speed Camera: Alert drivers about speed cameras to promote responsible driving.

*Report incident is a crowd-sourced feature generated by users and may not be accurate. For reliable information, please, use regular Premium+ features Speed cameras, and Real-time traffic information.

Join the Sygic community today, and together, let's make the roads safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Your small actions can lead to significant positive changes for all drivers. Report Incidents is free for all Sygic GPS Navigation users and requires an internet connection.

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