• API function for text-to-speech output

    Enables text-to-speech conversion of any message sent from enterprise servers to drivers, directly from the mobile application.

  • Fixing map’s small inaccuracies

    Allows drivers to easily set the missing or inaccurate road restrictions in the navigation map, including speed limit, road closure, etc. directly in the navigation map.

  • Route designer

    Design the route for drivers. Suitable for waste collection, newspaper distribution, road cleaning, snow ploughs, and other businesses that need their vehicles to follow an exact route.

  • Truck navigation with a set of truck related road attributes

    Allows to enter the maximum truck length, height, width, weight, hazardous materials restrictions, etc. into the navigation system in order to avoid roads that are not suitable for specific trucks or cargo.

  • Smart geocoding

    Smart address-search algorithm handles typos and utilizes a dictionary of common abbreviations (eg. Dr.=Drive, St.=Street, etc.)

  • Workmates

    Workmates simplifies the coordination and communication between dispatch and mobile workforce out on the road. Drivers are able to see the position of their “Workmates” on the navigation screen of their devices.

  • Volume licensing

    Deploy navigation solution to the whole fleet, using a set of tools and API function calls designed for volume licensing.

  • Driver’s log

    This features enables to keep records of all driven routes and provides a daily mileage overview.

  • Real time traffic

  • Speed camera warnings

  • Multi - stop route planning

  • Speed limit sign on map

  • Navigation instructions when
    app is in the background

  • Maps stored on the device

  • Navigate to a postal code

  • Lane assistant

  • Real time screen size

  • Points of interest

  • Navigate to GPS coordinates