Sygic GPS Navigation is compatible with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink.

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The 3 most integrated features by fleets


Commercial Routing for Trucks, Emergencies, Buses, Vans, Taxis

Automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for trucks, allows forbidden turns for blue lights...


Full offline functionality and itineraries

Maps stored on the device. Routes with multiple waypoints, and predefined time windows.


Single source map data for web and for mobile

Help drivers to drive the same routes as planned in the office and improve your cost planning.

Maps with truck restrictions

Sygic Professional Navigation app automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for trucks, special cargoes, or hazardous materials. Using Sygic SDK, 3d party fleet management app can set vehicle parameters and start navigation taking into account all restrictions for given vehicle when calculating the route.

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Arie Van der Jagt
VP Region West, Transics, WABCO company

Sygic Professional Navigation is integrated with the Transics smartphone application to guide the driver through his entire assigned itinerary with navigation activated from Transics application at the push of a button. Sygic software is up to date, it is dedicated for trucks with possibility to enter truck or cargo parameters and, needless to say, it is convenient.


Setting vehicle attributes from remote

Vehicle attributes (dimensions, weight, HAZMATs) can be set up remotely over-the-air by dispatchers through “ChangeApplicationOption” API.

Total drivers has navigation menu customized in order to add or fix hazmat and other road restrictions directly from the navigation. In the navigation menu they have the option to mark the roads which are closed or problematic. These changes are then distributed to all other Total devices, and the navigation takes this into account when computing the route resulting in increased quality of routing for the whole fleet.

Accurate ETA and TTS for efficient delivery

The calculation of the arrival time is based on historical data measurements of traffic intensity for different times of day, which makes the ETA highly accurate.
Integrated with fleet management solution, Sygic Professional Navigation makes it possible to send information about ETA (using GetRouteStatus) to the dispatcher in real time. If needed, dispatcher can inform the driver about process changes using Text-To-Speech engine of the Sygic navigation.

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Ulrich Koch
Project manager at HERMES Einrichtungs Service

In this way, we carry out between 20 - 35 customer stops per tour. Approximately 1,600 tours are thus carried out daily with the support of Sygic within Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Sygic is very fast responding business partner and our wishes were implemented accordingly.


Send truck routes directly to your drivers from any map server. No integration needed.

The Send Route to Navigation web service API transfers a route with multiple waypoints from any map server directly to a driver’s navigation without any SDK integration.

The Sygic app calculates the route, avoiding restrictions based on a truck & HAZMAT setting configured in the navigation app.

After sending the route, the driver’s mobile device immediately calculates the route. If the app is not running, the driver will receive a notification about the new route.

See the showcase implemented with Google Maps (allows max 10 stops)

Single source map data for planning and in navigation

Using online Sygic Maps services to do planning of the routes and Sygic Professional Navigation app for route execution, fleets get much better results in terms of planned versus driven kilometres.
Except ready made libraries allowing to send the optimized route from server, Sygic APIs are often used to do comparisons between the planned and actual driven route and driven route time.

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Felix Dossmann
CEO of dff solutions GmbH

dff solutions uses Sygic Maps support german's food chain supplier REWE delivery oprations. Sygic Maps are wicked fast, the results are really good and the customer is quite happy with it. The real advantage for us as a software company, is that we can talk to the guys at Sygic and they actually listen, they are innovative and creative.


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