Sygic Navigation for Long Haul Transport and Logistics

Truck Navigation and Navigation SDK for enhanced efficiency of long haul transportation

  • Reduce out-of-route miles with trucks specific routing.
  • Ensure the delivery arrives safely and on time.
  • Plan ahead for the entire day and set-up routes with multiple waypoints for loading and unloading.
  • Track and trace your workers in real time.

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Navigation Software

Sygic Truck GPS Navigation

Automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for your truck, cargo, or hazardous materials by setting the vehicle’s parameters and truck related attributes.

  • SDK extension for seamless integration with 3rd party truck
    management systems
  • Speed profiles for more precise ETA
  • Truck-specific database of POIs such as parking and service
  • Comfortable map updates

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Recommended Features

Real Time Traffic Information

Real-time warnings about traffic jams and duration of the delay are provided. These help the driver to avoid delays on the route, save fuel and have exact ETAs for time-critical assignments.

Requires network connection.

Prepaid map updates

Prepaid access to all available map updates for 3 years will guarantee always precise routing without need to worry about newly built roads or additional fleet costs for single map updates.

Sygic makes available 2 map updates a year for maps from major providers TomTom and Here.

Precomputed routes

Fleets that need the drivers to follow routes exactly as planned for minimizing costs can push the pre-planned routes from any source (optimization system, planning tool) directly into the navigation.

Precomputed routes feature converts any geometry into navigational route, which can be enhanced with additional instructions for a driver saving time and costs on a new driver`s training.

This service is server based.

Sidebar for Truck Fleets

Sygic navigation for fleets can have information from other applications or telematics systems always visible on the navigation screen so the drivers don’t need to switch between different apps.

Sidebar feature has a predefined set of widgets to display information about driving time, driving behavior, information about tasks to perform etc.

Manufacturers of vehicle hardware that have no accompanying tablet app can use Sygic Navigation Sidebar feature to allow drivers to interact with their hardware.

Recommended SDK/API Functions

Multi-stop route planning

Allows planning the route with number of stops as an itinerary and optimization of the sequence along the route.

Related API functions

Rest stop planning

When planning a route, the driver can pick a rest place on their route within the time interval of obligatory stops provided by a tachograph (EOBR unit).

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Sending destination into the navigation

The dispatcher is able to send address/GPS position where driver should be navigated from his current position.

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Monitor position and driver‘s behavior

The dispatcher can be notified about the actual driver’s position and his performing action as is speeding, changing direction, estimated time of arrival and distance to the next stop.

Related API functions

Customize the application‘s position and window size

Allows seamless integration in Window in Window mode or in the separate window making navigation part of your truck management system.

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Use the navigation even if your device does not contain GPS chip

Feel free to send the GPS data from external source (eg. Blackbox or GPS chip) to be navigated even if your device does not contain GPS chip.

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