Mobile Telematics

An app-based solution that creates safer drivers, transforming insurance, fleet management, and more. Available as a white-label platform & SDK.

After 60 days of using our mobile telematics,
the roads have become a safer place


reduction in phone interactions


increase in overall safety scores


reduction in speeding in urban areas


Evaluate driver behavior using only a smartphone

Measure the various aspects of the drivers' driving style. Combining information from GPS, accelerometer, pedometer, gyroscope, and an underlying map enables you to reliably recognize several types of events. You can even recognize distracted driving, an event during which the driver interacts with their phone, and then use the information to increase driver safety.

Measured aspects: acceleration, speeding, braking, cornering, distracted driving, contextual information (risk level of the road type and driving time), pothole detection


Customizable driver scoring

Create a scoring system that matches your goals - customer conversion and engagement, lowering the number of insurance claims, reducing vehicle wear & tear, and more. The server-based mechanism enables you to define your own thresholds and weights for each type of event. You can even create different scoring for different vehicle types – cars, vans, light trucks, or heavy trucks.

Educate drivers with in-app coaching

Notify drivers about speeding, cornering, harsh braking, and other events in real time. Gentle audible or visual reminders have a positive influence on preventing misconduct and they provide an additional level of driver education.


Automatic trip recognition

Each start and end of a trip is registered automatically with no additional driver interaction needed. Trip recognition and the subsequent driver monitoring also works with the application running in the background. Manual trip confirmation and trip start/end is also supported as well as advanced trip filtering.

Improve safety with dashcam functionality

Use a smartphone as a dashcam to record the road and save money on buying additional cameras. Recognize road signs and tailgating in real time to help the driver adjust their driving and ensure their safety. In case of an accident, the last minutes of the trip will be automatically saved, providing information about the accident while not exhausting the phone’s storage capacity.

Detailed trip history

The trip log includes a detailed report to provide information to the driver or the organization:

  • Trip details (travel time, distance, average speed, max. speed)
  • Trip events (acceleration, braking, speeding, cornering, distracted driving)
  • Visualization of the trip and log on the map
White-label solution & app

A ready-to-use solution with customization options for motor insurance

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Bundled with Professional Navigation

A navigation for fleets and integrators with driver insights accessible through web service API

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Mobile SDK

Build your own driver scoring apps using Sygic Mobile ADAS SDK

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