Places are places that you may find useful or interesting when you are on the road. Our offline maps in Sygic GPS Navigation include millions of interesting places so you can easily find what you are looking for without internet connection.

Locating things (such as ATM or a pharmacy) in an unknown place is complicated, but you can easily find anything you need with a little help from the right app. Sygic will help you find ATMs, banks, petrol stations, shops, restaurants, bars, hospitals, vehicle services, accommodation, tourist attractions, entertainment possibilities or virtually anything near you.

The most popular Places categories are, for example, accommodation locations, restaurants, petrol stations, parking lots, attractions, etc. Just search the offline maps and browse all the interesting places to get inspired.

With maps and Places stored on your device, you can easily find what you’re looking for without the use of the internet. But if you are online, you will get some extra information about the place. You will see more information in the place detail, such as rating scores from TripAdvisor or, up-to-date fuel prices.

You can personalize what Places you see on the map in the Settings. You can filter the displayed Places, so you will only see the categories you care about. Learn how to customize your Places here.
Sygic GPS Navigation app also allows users to import their own favourite Places from free sources on the internet.

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