Time to Leave

Your reliable travel companion, offering friendly suggestions for the best departure time based on live traffic, ensuring a stress-free and on-time arrival at your destination.

Having a Time to Leave feature turned on is like having a personal assistant and time saver. This feature shows you where is the best time to leave according to live traffic information on the roads. Feature also indicates when you will approach your destination and suggest the best time to sit behind the wheel.

Picture this: You're heading on a road trip using Sygic. The Time to Leave feature suggests the perfect time to start your journey, helping you spend less time on the road and more time at your dream destination. So you get there sooner, giving you extra hours to explore and enjoy every moment!


• Smooth Planning: No more worrying about surprise delays. Effortlessly plan your trips for on-time arrival.
• Confident Travel: Say goodbye to uncertainty! Plan for a smoother and more predictable journey.
• Personalized Experience: Enjoy tailored, real-time suggestions for a navigation experience that fits your needs.

Time to leave is part of Premium+ subscription. This feature runs by default setting, and you can see your best time to leave when the route planner pops up. Just scroll the bottom sheet, and the app automatically loads your best time to leave.

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