Unlike Google Maps, Sygic Professional Navigation was built and optimized to work perfectly without an internet connection delivering savings on data plan.

Sygic navigation is used to evaluate ETA in real time and handing this information over to the dispatcher who can re-plan the delivery if necessary.

GetRouteInfo API allows to evaluate effectiveness of more than 2500 drivers' behaviour.

1000 trucks are integrated with Sygic Professional Navigation. Drivers are able to set vehicle parameters and avoid roads not suitable for their vehicle.

Sygic currently is the unrivaled choice for system integrators because of their great SDKs.

Posturinn vans drive with Sygic Professional Navigation for reliable offline routing around Iceland.


Navigation with SDK

Navigation with SDK

  • Effectively manage itineraries with time windows
  • Save up to 30% battery consumption compared to online navigation apps
  • Reduce distances driven up to 10% with powerful route optimization
Sygic Maps

Sygic Maps

  • Single source of map data and routing on web and on mobile device
  • Ready to use multi-vehicle and multi-stop optimization
  • Pickup, and delivery service times and time windows

Use cases

Improved first time delivery success

Providing a complex solution for various aspects of their delivery and field service business

An average delivery van tour includes 25-30 customer stops. Thus comfortable, stable and reliable navigation from one customer to the other is a key function.
Before, integrating Sygic, we ran quite often into functional or development limitations that required the company to develop “workarounds” themselves. This made it difficult to plan a reliable release management,“ explains Felix Dossmann, the CEO of dff solutions GmbH.

Dff application is moved into the background while Sygic navigation is used. Communication between both applications is constantly at work – from evaluating the Sygic ETA and handing this information over to the dispatcher to using Sygic’s Text-To-Speech engine to inform the driver about process changes.

Thanks to the great SDK and documentation, we were able to integrate these functions into our framework within a day. Implementing all our desired features and using close to all of Sygic’s APIs naturally took longer – but was still a quick and worry-free process,” concludes Dossmann.


Integrating Partners

  • MiX Telematics
  • Vehco
  • Loqus Fleet Ltd
  • InSight Mobile Data, Inc.
  • Dff solutions GmbH
  • Fagor Electronica S.Coop.


  • Amazon Logistics
  • DHL
  • Hermes
  • Delhaize group
  • Food Services of America
  • Iceland Post