Speed Cameras

A must-have in-car smartphone app to increase safety & reduce distraction

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Transform your device into Speed Cams & Radar Detector, Speedometer, Head-Up Display, Dashcam, Trip Log & more

Feel more secure on your daily commute with an easy to use, intuitive and beautifully designed application.
Join thousands of users, report new incidents on the road and get real time help from other drivers.


Choose how you wish to use Speed Cameras: Free or Premium

With Speed Cameras you can enjoy Free: Offline and Online Speed Cameras warnings, Head-up Display, real-time help from other drivers & report incidents on the road, GPS Speedometer & Trip Log. To get the most of the app upgrade to Premium and get: Speed Limits, Voice Alerts & Dashboard Camera.

Speed Cameras database and warnings

Protect your wallet from hefty fines with an offline database of more than 50 000 fixed speed cameras, average speed checks and red light cameras in you app. See their location before they see you . The app warns you about incident ahead of you, clearly shows you the distance and type of incident you are approaching.

Speed Limits & Safety warnings

The best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is not to speed, but you knew that. Sometimes you just miss the speed limit change sign and end up paying a speeding fine. Speed Cameras app permanently shows you the Speed Limit for the road you are driving on and warns you visually and acoustically every time you exceed the speed limit. Worldwide coverage of speed limits is available in 120 countries.

Real-time help from other drivers

Join thousands of other users, report new incidents with a single trap on the road and get the real-time help from other drivers before you approach hazardous situation as well.
Simply tap the blue pin on the main screen and report specific type of incident on the road. Help or get help from other drivers & stop worrying about speeding fines, fully enjoy your drive saving everyone time and money.

Head-up Display

At night, the info is projected directly into your line of sight - the windshield. Keep your attention on the road and enjoy a safe & comfortable drive at night.
See all important information projected directly into your windshield. This allows you to process information faster and keep your attention on the road. HUD works when it’s dark without any additional accessories or devices. When HUD is running, tap on it to flip the screen and place under the windshield.

Record what’s happening on the road with Dash Cam

Capture the unexpected moments that you would like to capture on tape or record accidents which can happen quickly and sometimes it is difficult to recall all the details or even know exactly what happened.
Use the videos as evidence in case of an accident and protect yourself from insurance fraud. Speed Cameras is the 1st app with integrated Dashboard Camera. It records 5-minute videos in 1-minute segments, with the oldest video deleted. Dash Cam feature records video and audio, including date, GPS coordinates & speed.

Speed Cameras

A must-have in-car smartphone app to increase safety
& reduce distraction