GPS navigation for fleets

with SDK for easy integration into Fleet Management Systems

  • No internet connection needed. Maps are stored on the device
  • Navigation SDK available for Android, Windows and Linux
  • Configurable for any large scale deployment
  • Professional API documentation
  • Trusted by 1500+ fleets in 60 countries

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Car Fleet Navigation

GPS navigation with SDK extension for enhanced efficiency of commercial fleets.

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Truck GPS Navigation

Navigation using truck-specific routing that automatically avoids roads not suitable for trucks or special cargoes.

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Taxi Navigation

Navigation application with special maps that contain taxi lanes and other features for better and faster service.

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Emergency Vehicles Navigation

Navigation allowing vehicles with special permission to enter pedestrian zones and roads closed to regular vehicles.

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"Sygic offline Navigation provided an added feature that helps to sell our product. It was very important to us."

Phil Kouwe, President and CEO, Hangar 14 Solutions, LLC

Product Features and Customizations

Supported Platforms

Sygic is one of the most flexible navigation applications for fleets available, and supports all major operating systems.

  • Android
  • Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Linux
  • iOS

Map Coverage

2D map 3D map
HERE TomTom HERE TomTom Alternative
Europe and Russia Suncart (Romania)
North America
Australia and New Zeland
Middle East and Africa Navcities (Maghreb), GT (Iraq)
Southeast Asia
Latin America Satrack (Colombia)

Sygic navigation for fleets provides the latest maps from renowned global and local map providers.

Currently we cover almost all countries in the world where there is infrastructure and available signal for GPS navigation.

Hardware Compatibility

2D map 3D map
Device memory min 128 MB memory min 512 MB memory
Storage map stored on SD or internal memory map stored on SD card or internal memory
Supported processors min 600 MHz min 1GHz
3D chip not required required
Screen resolution min 240x240 min 480x320
Supported platforms Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, Linux Android, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10, iOS

Sygic Navigation for fleets is designed to work on widest possible variety of devices available on the market.

To guarantee high quality and stability also on less powerful devices we offer 2D version of the navigation software. Its well-established product that had been on the market for 8 years and it is in constant development.

Stronger devices can run 3D version of the Sygic Navigation software which offers 3D landmarks, buildings, mountains and valleys for easier orientation.

Available Languages

European Middle Eastern Asian
Bulgarian Lithuanian Arabic Azerbaijani
Catalan Norwegian Farsi Hindi
Croatian Polish Hebrew Chinese
Czech Portuguese Chinese Traditional (HKG)
Danish Portuguese (Brazil) Chinese Traditional (TWN)
Dutch Romanian Indonesian
English Russian Kazakh
Estonian Serbian Kurdish
Finish Slovak Malay (Bahasa)
French Slovene Thai
German Spanish Urdu
Greek Swedish Vietnamese
Hungarian Turkish
Italian Ukrainian

User interface and voice guidance in more then 40 languages makes Sygic navigation for fleets global product covering all major markets.

Spoken Street Names - TTS

Sygic navigation for fleets provides voice instructions using TTS technology, including street names, so the driver’s eyes never have to leave the road.

Lane Assistant

Lane Assistant indicates the correct lane for upcoming intersections or exits, helping with orientation on unfamiliar roads.

Lane Assistant will appear in a window on the navigation screen.

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

Sygic navigation for fleets calculates and updates expected time of arrival to the destination.

The estimation is based on historical data measurements of traffic intensity for different times of day, which gives the ETA high accuracy.

Preffered Right Turn

Preferred right turn (left in countries and territories with left-hand traffic) functionality of the Sygic Truck routing algorithm suggests routes that avoid time consuming and dangerous left turns at intersections against the incoming traffic.

Speed Cameras Database

Updated database of Speed Camera locations are included in the maps to avoid speed tickets and other troubles.

If the driver exceeds the speed limit while approaching fix speed camera, Sygic navigation for fleets alerts the driver indicating the speed limit.

Route Optimization

The feature delivers the fastest and most effective route optimization for an unlimited number of waypoints accessible directly from Sygic Navigation application.

Sygic route optimization is promising up to a 10% reduction in distances driven, saving time and improving the quality of service.

*Requires network connection.

Real Time Traffic Information

Real-time warnings about traffic jams and duration of the delay are provided. These help the driver to avoid delays on the route, save fuel and have exact ETAs for time-critical assignments.

*Requires network connection.

Online Speed Camera Database

The feature constantly updates the driver about new mobile camera locations and warns him whenever a new speed trap appears on the route.

If exceeding the speed limit while approaching a speed camera, Sygic Navigation alerts the driver indicating the speed limit to avoid speed tickets and other troubles.

This service is forbidden in certain countries.

*Requires network connection.

Prepaid map updates

Prepaid access to all available map updates for 3 years will guarantee always precise routing without need to worry about newly built roads or additional fleet costs for single map updates.

Sygic makes available 2 map updates a year for maps from major providers TomTom and Here.

Single Map Update

Fleet managers can update their maps whenever they need with single map update at a one-time fee.

Sygic makes available 2 map updates a year for maps from major providers TomTom and Here.

Precomputed Routes

Fleets that need the drivers to follow routes exactly as planned for minimizing costs can push the pre-planned routes from any source (optimization system, planning tool) directly into the navigation.

Precomputed routes feature converts any geometry into navigational route, which can be enhanced with additional instructions for a driver saving time and costs on a new driver`s training.

Precomputed Routes Documentation


Allows dispatchers to highlight an area on a map (geofence polygons) to track vehicles and assets presence in this area. The navigation notifies the driver and the dispatcher if the driver crosses the border and about his presence inside geofence.

Unlike geofencing systems on server side, the feature can notify also the driver in real time when crossing geofence border while navigating.

Geofence File Specification

Custom Map Overlays

Fleet solutions requiring interaction with GIS systems can visualize various layers (eg. infrastructure lines, pipe network, or not mapped roads, ...) in the Sygic navigation map using the custom geometry files.


Fleets that need mutual visibility of vehicles can share other co-workers positions directly on the navigation screen while navigating.

Unlike visualization in Google Maps, this feature allows visualization and navigation together and can work with TETRA network advantageous and it works also in GPRS, 3G and similar networks.

Workmates Documentation


Sygic navigation for fleets can have information from other applications or telematics systems always visible on the navigation screen so the drivers don’t need to switch between different apps.

Sidebar has a predefined set of widgets to display information about driving time, driving behavior, information about tasks to perform etc.

Manufacturers of vehicle hardware that have no accompanying tablet app can use Sygic Navigation Sidebar to allow drivers to interact with their hardware.

Sidebar Documentation

HUD Interface

Allows vehicle hardware producers to bring navigation in driver’s line of sight by linking directly with the navigation functions and projecting the route information into built-in screen on dashboard or other visualization systems.

HUD Interface Documentation

SDK / API & Documentation

Comprehensive and well documented set of API functions for an easy integration of Sygic Navigation into any fleet and workforce mobility solution.

Over 100 easy-to-use API functions allows flexible customizations helping integrator and solution providers to meet needs of different fleets.

Sygic Software Development Kit is Compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Android and Linux) and allows development in different programming languages and tools.

  • Use stand-alone or plug-in Sygic Navigation
  • Communicate with drivers directly via navigation
  • Remotely install, manage and control the navigation
  • Assign jobs to drivers from your application to the navigation
  • Add job related visual content to existing maps
  • Monitor drivers and route status by accessing information from navigation
  • Text-to-speech converted messages sent from enterprise servers to drivers

Reference manuals

Configuration and setup

Sygic navigation allows customizations to some extent through configuration files.

  • Customization of application settings (settings.ini, menu.ini, keymap.ini)
  • Determination of device identifications for licensing
  • Preparation of full installation package
  • Adaptation to hardware controllers

Customization resources

Hardware Validation

Sygic navigation for fleets can be easily installed into any personal navigation device, MFD or in-Dash hardware.
To support your business model, we perform a full test of a HW unit in order to confirm and guarantee the possibility of running the navigation on it.

On-demand customization

Bigger projects may require solutions that are not part of the standard navigation software.

When required, Sygic offers professional customer project management support and a team of highly skilled developers able to provide solutions and features meeting very specific needs and high quality standards.

Map conflation

Companies, which need to navigate their drivers on roads not mapped in standard maps, such as private or lease roads, can import their map content into Sygic navigational maps.

The process, which is called conflation, merges two different map sets creating a new map ready for navigation.

Conflated maps can provide customers with voice-guided navigation from the city directly to assets on your own roads like oil wells.

SDK Development Support

Sygic provides level 3 technical support (direct communication with our developers) to developers and integrators integrating the navigation using Sygic SDK.

Screen saver

Enables a screensaver mode that turns off the navigation screen on highways to reduce battery drain by 30%. The navigation screen reappears 5 km before the next turn or can be reactivated by simple tap on the screen.

Navigation in Industries

See how Sygic Navigation software applies in different industries.

The following use cases provide an overview of the features, customizations and API functions most frequently used in different industry segments.

The overview is based on experience of 1500+ fleets in 60 countries using Sygic Professional Navigation since 2006.

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