Sygic Professional
Navigation SDK

Out-of-the-box commercial GPS navigation app for integration into Fleet and Logistic management systems.

  • Commercial routing for Truck, Emergency, Bus, Van, Taxi used by +750k professional drivers worldwide
  • Offline turn-by-turn navigation. Maps are stored on the device.
  • 60+ well documented APIs for rapid development & easy customizations
  • Business licensing system for mass deployment of your fleet solution
  • UI available in 40 languages

Standalone integration

Sygic GPS SDK may run navigation as a separate application, but is still fully controlled by the integrator’s application.

As needed, the navigation screen can be “hidden” by the application (allowing the driver to access other instructions as he reaches his destination) or brought on top (to navigate the driver to the next waypoint).

  • Full online functionality
  • Automatic activation


Embedded integration

The navigation can be a part of the integrator’s application, taking up only a portion of the screen.

Sygic Professional Navigation SDK may run the navigation app in embedded mode inside an application both in Windows and Android operating systems.

  • Full ownership of the navigation as a component
  • The integrator handles the activation, updates and application management


Head up Display integration

Sygic Professional Navigation SDK display instructions on dashboard units or external HUD GPS displays.

The HUD API shows the followindowsg from the navigation: shape of the next turn, distance to the next turn, distance to the destination, ETA, current speed limit, traffic delays on route, speeding, current street, next street, and lane information.


Sidebar API

Through the Sidebar display component, you can share information from your fleet telematics system or provide a dedicated user interaction on the navigation screen.

The Sidebar can be freely constructed from a set of predefined and configurable widgets. Your application can control the widgets in the navigation via the Sidebar API library functions and classes. The Sidebar library delivers the function calls to Sygic Navigation via AIDL and receives callbacks in the opposite direction.


Custom URL

Custom-URL is a light-weight type of integration to manage navigation remotely, to control the activation process or to update installation.

This method of integration does not offer events and callbacks, but still provides some functions to manage navigation remotely, to control the activation process or to update installation.

Linux |

Single source map data and routing on mobile device and on web

Using single source of map data with Sygic Maps in the back office and Sygic Professional Navigation on the drivers‘ device driven distances will be the same as planned in the office.

This results in much more efficient operational cost planning and reduces stressing situations for driver.

Customizations through configuration files

  • Customization of application settings (settings.ini, menu.ini, keymap.ini)
  • Determination of device identifications for licensing
  • Preparation of full installation package
  • Adaptation to hardware controllers

Customization Resources for Android
Customization Resources for Windows


Sygic provides professional technical support to developers and software vendors integrating our navigation with the SDK.

Sygic offers professional customer project management support and a team of highly skilled developers able to provide custom solutions and features.

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