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  • PCA Mobile B.V.

    PCA Mobile B.V.

    PCA Mobile BV has years of experience in developing field service applications. These are standard products like Plan board, digital service forms, mobile...

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  • Roitec (PTY) Ltd trading as MobiTech Solutions

    Roitec (PTY) Ltd trading as MobiTech Solutions

    MobiTech solutions provides product to the Logistics and Transport Industry, utilizing mobility systems combined with GIS, including route optimization,...

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  • S&F Datentechnik GmbH & CO. KG

    S&F Datentechnik GmbH & CO. KG

    S&F Datentechnik is a leading software and consulting house in the environmental and waste management industry. We support industrial and municipal waste...

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    SATDATA operates in the field of R&D&I. It develops mobile information transmission services (high added value services for the management of mobile assets...

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  • Sigmax Field Mobility

    Sigmax Field Mobility

    Sigmax Field Mobility develops innovative mobile solutions that simplify field service operations and data processing so that businesses can operate more...

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  • Soloplan GmbH

    Soloplan GmbH

    Soloplan GmbH is THE logistics software company: Family-owned, medium-sized and based in Kempten. We develop software for transport management, planning,...

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  • SyWaTeC Logistic GmbH

    SyWaTeC Logistic GmbH

    Sywatec Logistic GmbH, established 20 years ago, provides high quality products and services to customers in the Waste Management industry. We specialize in...

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  • Telecetera Ltd

    Telecetera Ltd

    Telecetera is a SMART mobile IT solution supplier with over 20 years industry experience. We work across a range of industries including affordable housing,...

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  • TouchStar Technologies Ltd

    TouchStar Technologies Ltd

    TouchStar Technologies Ltd has been supplying Mobile Computing solutions to the Petroleum and LPG industries for over two decades. Specializing in ATEX...

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  • Transtech Driven

    Transtech Driven

    TranstechDriven is the leading provider of IAP services to the Transport Industry across Australia. It provides in-cab technologies to enable location-based...

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  • TriOpSys B.V.

    TriOpSys B.V.

    TriOpSys specializes on designing, building and managing mission - critical IT systems, such as traffic and emergency centers (on land, water and in the...

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    Ubidata’s added value goes beyond its pioneering product range. On top of developing and commercializing fast evolving high-end software and hardware for the...

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