Sygic FleetWork

Web-based fleet and workforce management bundled with professional navigation.

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The desktop application is used by dispatchers to:

  • Create jobs with tasks
  • Plan exact routes
  • Optimize job itineraries
  • Dispatch job itineraries to available drivers

This is the control station for tracking, monitoring and reporting.

All data are stored securely on the cloud. There is no need to install anything. All you need is a web browser and online connection.

Trusted web browsers
Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera

The mobile application can be used by drivers to:

  • Receive jobs
  • Navigate to jobs and tasks
  • Collect reports
  • Communicate with the office

Thanks to GPS and an online connection, the dispatcher can track the driver’s position and job status online in real time.

Hardware requirements
Android 4+ recommended with GPS and internet connection

Download FleetWork Mobile app here.

Use our easy to implement FleetWork API to get connected with your ordering or optimization systems.

  • Create jobs directly from your ordering system
  • Assign the job automatically
  • Get user positions and send them to your system
  • Get the Job statuses
  • Create users
  • And many more…

See the API Documentation for all functions here.

CSV import/export
You may use CSV data file to import bulk jobs.
All job statistics and selected reports may be exported in CSV format for further management.

Tasks & Jobs

Each job may contain several tasks. Each task execution is tracked individually. You may add as many tasks as you need.

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Custom Fields & Custom Job Rules

Custom Fields
Add additional information fields to the task. You may ask the driver to collect some information from the customer and insert them here.

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Custom Job Rules
Job rules help you to take control of how the job is being done. If you need a driver to perform a desired action, the system can manage this automatically for you.

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Job templates

Create routine jobs fast.
Are you in touch with certain customers more often? Create a template with all repeating data and dispatch it anytime with a single click.

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Route & Asset Optimization

Calculates the best possible sequence of tasks to save time and fuel. Drivers will receive an optimized itinerary of their planned stops.

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Barcode Scanning

Sygic FleetWork allows barcode scanning of packages as they arrive at your facility for better tracking capabilities and inventory management.

Add barcodes to Sygic FleetWork and see exactly which packages have been delivered. You can upload codes via .csv file with the name of the product and other information

Flexible Management of Drivers

Drivers Groups allow you to make faster planning decisions and let certain users see only the jobs they are entitled to see.

Various levels of driver rights, flexible assignment of available licenses among users and licensing based on drivers or vehicles gives you many options how to fit Sygic FleetWork to your company needs.

Create & Preplan Routes

Create routes manually in a web application or import them from external sources. It is also possible to use the Sygic FleetWork app to record and save imposed routes.

Custom Route Instructions

With the route editor you may add points on the map, add custom navigational instructions or your own text-to-speech (TTS) instructions or change the color of different parts of the route. The changed route design in the editor will be seen by driver in his navigation.

Dispatch & Export Routes

Routes can be dispatched by assigning them to a new or existing group of drivers. Routes and addresses (POI) added to a group are automatically synchronized with the drivers over the air, and after synchronization are available even for non-connected devices (offline mode).

You may export the routes in .ofg or .csv file formats.

Missed Segments

If the drivers have any missed segments after the route is finished, drivers will be notified about them. Drivers can then navigate back to the missed segments or the missed segments can be assigned to different drivers.

Positions of the assets

Real time map of all your orders and drivers with their current status, availability and current speed will help you assign a new job to the closest driver directly from the map.

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Auto assign & Auto decline

Sygic FleetWork can automatically assign each task to the closest available driver.

If the driver does not automatically accept an assigned job for a set period of time, Sygic FleetWork automatically sends the job to the next available driver.

Assign to all & Assign to group

Assigns the Job to all drivers and the first one to accept it, gets the job.

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Assign the Job to all users that belong to a certain group.

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Driver work statuses

Indicates if the driver is online, on a break or working on any job. This may help you decide to whom you are going to assign the next job.

Task-to-task navigation

The driver can navigate with turn-by-turn voice instruction to the destination following the fastest, shortest or the most economic route. The route can recompute.

Follow imposed route

The route is not recomputed- it has to be followed exactly as planned.
Imposed routes can combine off-road segments, unmapped roads and industrial areas with driving on streets. You can pause and resume the imposed route. When avoiding part of the imposed route and then joining the route further, missed segments will be created.

Built-in messenger

Saves communication costs. All messages are connected to a job and are a part of the job history.

Sygic FleetWork messaging supports attachments with documents or images.

Parcel tracking

Allows users to share the position and estimated time of the arrival of couriers or field service workers with the customer.

Real time job statuses

Control whether the job is done or is just waiting to be started. Each job has several statuses and you are able to watch them change in real time. Colors indicate job statuses: yellow- Job Assigned, green- Job Accepted, blue- Job In Progress, grey- Job Done.

Job history

Sygic FleetWork keeps the history of all jobs. From the information on when the job was accepted, along with all communication history, map views and statistics, you always have the option to come back to any part of the job history.

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Proof of delivery

Captures signatures for electronic authentication and stores photographs as proof of job completion.

All this information is then automatically stored with the location information, and it can automatically be sent to the dispatcher once the driver connects to a Wi-Fi connection.

Real-time driver tracking

See information about current positions of all assets, drivers or staff with trip logs and traveled routes presented on maps.

Trip log

Real-time records of the drivers' daily activities including information about the traveled distance, finished jobs or driving time per driver.

Offline mode

If an internet connection is not available, the positions are stored and synchronized later.


Sygic FleetWork offers a series of useful reports that can be exported to .csv file.


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