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3 Reasons to develop insurance apps with Sygic


Identify low risk drivers


Improve drivers behaviour


Grow engagement with existing customers

Driver score app

The Sygic unique algorithm evaluates the various aspects of the driving style and calculates a score of the driver’s behavior directly on the device using a combination of data from the accelerometer and GPS signal.

Measured aspects: acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, the risk level of the road type and driving time, distracted driving, and pothole detection.

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Active driver assistance

We show to the driver events such as speeding, cornering, harsh braking or others in real-time, which will help shape the driver’s behavior and prevent misconduct.

Real-time driver coaching is available for integration with any third party application. It can run on any Android, iOS, or Linux device.

Automatic start trip recognition

There’s no need to start recording the trip. Each trip is registered automatically, with no additional driver interaction needed.
The driving monitoring also works with the application in the background.

Gamification & engagement strategies

What we are really good at is attracting, delighting and helping you keep your customers. To achieve successful and personalized omnichannel experiences, we use design thinking methods using the principles of game design and behavioral science.

Pieter van Louter
CEO at Onlia

Now surpassing 20K registered users, the Onlia Sense safe driving app is a proven tool in empowering Canadians to become safer drivers and rewarding them along the way. Sygic has been a valuable partner in this process, and we are confident that this model will be of benefit to all Canadians.

Dashcam functionality

Dashcam continuously records video of the last minutes of your drive. There is no need to spend money on a dashboard camera, your phone and our navigation app are perfectly capable of doing the job. The video will be saved automatically in case of an accident.

Server integration API

The data can be collected and analysed using web API to create leader board based on overall driving score.


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