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Premium speed cameras

Avoid speeding tickets with the world’s largest online speed camera database

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Protect your wallet from speeding fines

Premium speed cameras are constantly updated with information about new mobile camera locations. Over 10 000 new mobile cameras and police traps are reported each day. Every two minutes the app checks for the latest mobile speed cameras and warns you whenever a new speed trap appears on your route.

Premium speed cameras are available as an add-on feature in Sygic GPS Navigation app and require network connection.

Real-time automatic updates

Get verified alerts from millions of drivers across Europe and USA reporting cameras every day. More than 300 000 new mobile speed camera locations are reported each month. The Premium Speed Cameras service gives you accurate alerts for new locations automatically, every 2 minutes.

Countries included: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy,
Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Russia, UK & Ireland and U.S
Danger zones: France

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