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GPS Navigation

The world’s most installed offline turn‑by‑turn GPS navigation app.

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Choose how you wish to use Sygic: Free or Lifetime Premium.

We all need to go to different places every day and being able to find our way quickly shouldn’t come with a huge price tag. With this in mind Sygic GPS Navigation is Free for you to use indefinitely. And whenever you feel you need more, you can upgrade to Premium for unparalleled navigation experience without compromise.

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Free: Offline Maps in 3D

Navigate anywhere, without internet. Our navigation always works, whether or not you have wireless coverage. And because a precise map isn't always enough, beautiful 3D landmarks, buildings, parks and mountains, help you find your bearing in unfamiliar areas. Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is both practical and enjoyable.

You can choose from maps for over 100 countries and save those that you might need to your phone. High quality maps, millions of points of interest and software for route calculation, will be stored on the phone in your pocket. You can hit the road at a moment’s notice and even if there is no mobile internet, you can count on Sygic to guide you to your destination.

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Free: Search & Points of Interest

Whether you’re looking for a hotel, restaurant or want to go shopping and then taste the nightlife, Sygic GPS Navigation offers all the hints you need. Millions of Points of Interest are stored directly in the app so you can easily find what you are looking for even without going online.

You can also personalize your Sygic GPS Navigation app with exclusive POIs from providers such as TripAdvisor and These are available as a free download within the app. You can further personalize the app by importing points of interest from free sources on the internet, and adding those locations that are important for you. Click here for instructions.

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Free: Route Computing

Find the best route for you, whether you want to drive or walk. Select a destination and get three alternative routes to choose from. Optimize your trip with advanced routing options, add multiple waypoints, or avoid toll roads and save the route for later. You can even adjust the route with a simple drag & drop.

To do that, just tap on the route, hold your finger a bit longer, then drag and drop the route …that’s all. You can avoid Toll roads and Motorways in one country or on entire route. Or choose to avoid ferries and unpaved roads. Sygic GPS Navigation is a powerful navigation software that more than equals any standalone navigation device and it's constantly being improved and optimized for better performance.

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Premium: Lifetime License with Map Updates

Get your premium lifetime license. It’s a onetime investment, no hidden fees and no additional costs for map updates. New map updates will be delivered for free, multiple times per year.

With latest maps at hand on your smartphone, you don't need a data signal, or roaming, to stay on the right path. Buy our Premium lifetime license and know that you have navigation where and when you need it. You will receive multiple updates of your map every year, including updates to the road network, addresses, and Points of Interest. All updates will be provided free of charge.

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Premium: Turn-by-Turn Navigation with Automatic Rerouting

Drive with confidence with your Premium lifetime license. Timely turn indicators with precise distance to each maneuver will guide you to your destination. If you miss a turn our smart algorithm will immediately recalculate to get you back on your way.

Made to help you get where you need to go, the Premium lifetime license will satisfy even the most demanding driver. Each maneuver is shown clearly on the top of the screen. The turn-after-next-turn indicator appears when one turn follows closely after another and is especially helpful in dense urban areas. Automatic recalculation means there’s no stopping you from quickly finding a new route if you make a few wrong turns.

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Premium: Voice Guidance with Spoken Street Names

Don’t take your eyes of the road and stay safe with your Premium lifetime license. Instead focus all your attention on driving, while following the continuous spoken turn-by-turn instructions.

The Spoken Street Names feature, based on text-to-speech synthesis, will provide you with precise instructions that tell you the names of streets and cities, as well as the direction and distance.

Spoken Street Names feature for Android is available in these languages:

American English, American Spanish, Australian English, British English, Brazilian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Canadian French, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish

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Premium: Speed limits & Safety warnings

Protect your wallet from unnecessary fines, with speed limit warnings in your Premium lifetime license. Get clear audio-visual warnings if your foot gets too heavy on the gas pedal.

For increased safety and a smooth driving experience, Sygic even shows the upcoming speed limit change before it becomes effective and warns you if you approach a sharp curve at a dangerous speed.

See the Speed limit sign on the map. Adjust audio warnings to suit your personal preference. You can even create your own spoken warnings for when you are speeding, and choose what the app should say and how. Stay safe when making a turn. If you approach a sharp curve at a high speed, the app will warn you and even recommend a safer speed. The sharp curve warnings algorithm will learn as you go, and adjust warnings to suit your driving style.

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Premium: Lane Assistant & Junction Views

You don’t have to worry when navigating a complicated junction with Premium lifetime license. Our Dynamic Lane Assistant moves as you go and clearly shows the right lane to be in.

On the most difficult highway intersections, realistic Junction View provides you with a clear look ahead, so you won’t miss the next exit.

Lane Assistant helps you to make your way through traffic situations. It provides you with a clear look ahead, showing you which lane to be in, so you can stay relaxed and drive smoothly with enough time before making a turn. To keep you safe and relaxed on the most difficult highway intersections, the Junction View shows a realistic 3D representation of the junction with highlighted lanes and exists.

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Premium: Travelbook with Statistics

Keep track of your trips with Travelbook in your Premium lifetime license. See statistics for all your outdoor activities as well as business trips, including distances, altitudes, time and speed.

Whether commuting to work, traveling for holidays with your loved ones or enjoying adventurous road trip, Sygic GPS Navigation will keep track of your mileage. You can see your trip log on the map and view detailed statistics such as time, duration, speed and pace in detailed graphs.

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Join over 85 million satisfied drivers all around the globe

Sygic was the first company in the world to provide turn-by-turn navigation for iPhone. Today it's ranking in the Top 10 in Navigation & Travel Local category on app stores in more than 40 countries. Sygic GPS Navigation is the world's most installed offline navigation app.

GPS Navigation

The world’s most installed offline turn‑by‑turn GPS navigation app.

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